EHO Color Remediation



@TerpFiend follow him as well, along with abels personal account (one of the extractors)
They use a Capnalabs Ethos 4 at -81c - -86c

Have yet to try myself with premo fire material through our delta washer but i imagine you extract as cold as possible then run through whatever filters/filter media followed by low temp rotovapes 35-45c to retain terpenes.

Where i dont know it to what solvent-solute ratio within the solution before they pour into pyrex dishes.
Then id imagine
(1) they throw in a vac oven and backfill with nitrogen
(2) theres enough saturation that at room temp the “crashing” happens then they vac purge remaining ethanol.

They cant be removing the ethanol completely otherwise itd be ethanol shatter


If the magnesol can pull yellows that suggests we might be able to get much closer to a clear product considering it’s been yellow tints that remain in our current attempts.

Problems with reds could be remediated with activated alumina theoretically. I seem to recall @Dred_pirate saying alumina was pulling pinks at least. If not activated alumina perhaps it’s a result of different hues of yellow mixing with different hues to produce a red color. (I meant to post this yesterday)


You don’t mention using ac in the second scrub, is that accurate?


I believe aa pulls reds, and i seen some yellows in my celite layer. With bho that is


Correct. I wanted to see what the T5 was doing on its own with a long soak.


I’m mid run and i want to shoot myself in the face… everything that could go wrong seems to be happening today. I’m dealing with it, but the outcome of this endeavor is not what i wanted. I have fats not making it past the rf and dripping in with the mains. I can therefore not get a good read on color and clarity. Also had the muffin man punch me in the face first thing that happened, so that also led to this run not starting optimal. The thermo well got frozen in the head with fissures so the system has a slow leak, cause i can’t spin it, further fucking with things. I can prob remedy this in a second pass. But I’m not the happiest camper atm.


I hate when shit goes south, everything else seems to follow suit. Sorry to hear that. I feel your frustration


Yeah, that seems to be the way. I’m using it as a learning experience. It made me want to custom change some parts and add some other ones. Main thing is i need to continue my now traditional 20 minute muffin fight in the beginning of the run to get things going, but I’m thinking if connecting a nitrogen tank to fight the muffin so i don’t have to let air into the system all the time. I think that’s what helped fuck things up more than needed to happen. But then again, i don’t really know. Every run always turns out slightly different and since this was half cryo/ half room temp that is another factor i had not previously had to account for. I also think I’m gonna start degumming again. Thanks for the support, homie.


In the end the run didn’t turn out a complete disaster. I will say that it came out more golden in the cart and reddish in volume, but it tastes and smokes well. 5% terps didn’t even make it down into the cart to burn. I had to use 10% for things to go smoothly.

That being said, I’m going to go back to cryo for the next run, but I’m gonna try and see how much material i can get into a 5 gal to saturate it. I’m gonna go back to just bento and bleaching clay to see if that gets less red. It might have been high cbn content biomass, but the room temp could have helped with that, I dunno.


CBN is not red and does not make oils red iT is something else that has a bp close to CBN
As far as this Red go s
IT gets caught by neutral bentonite in boiling flask


I know I’ve been away a few days. Really struggling with full body pain rn so I won’t be around as much until it passes.

I haven’t furthered things much, but did find a really good read about removing anthocyanins from elder berries and something else using bentonite. They ran a pretty full gambit of tests and their results were somewhat revealing.


Thanks to the both of you for the replies. I’m gonna look into using bentonite with a warm scrub. I need to peruse that article after my 6 hour drive I’m about to do in the pouring rain.


From a few experiments. Bentonite doesnt seem to work well with the polar alcohols.


Bentonite may not be the most effective for color but has most definitely been the most effective against water solubles from what I’ve encountered…


I actually posted this same study earlier in the thread. long, cold contact is what they say is best. I think we are fighting against alcohols polarity which doesnt work well with the bentonite.


Yeah I think I postulated that. The polar ends get “frozen” up, so the lower the temperature the better I’d guess with the bentonite + etoh


Yeah, I might give it a go in the bf while running it too. So much things to try.


Watch fir isomerization
Bentonite and heat You realy Need to know your bentonite :grinning:


All in all, i shouldn’t complain. It looks good in a cart, as per usual.

More golden than it has been previously, but not bad.


That’s the room temp?