Edible ice cream ratios

how many grams of distillate do i need to to an 8oz batch of medicated ice cream? Looking for an ideal ratio. Awaiting lab tests.

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I would accord mg thc ratio to the desired consumption rate. Ie: 75 mg (.08 grams of distillate depending on potensy) per scoop or cup


Well depends how Many Mg You want in a serving ?
And how large is a serving ?

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One serving is 8oz and ideally we would like 30-50mg per serving. I feel like 100mgs would be too much disty in the small serving.

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@Neilsullivan calculation is correct
So depending on potency of your oil
And the 50mg per serving Will give the ratio
Minor detail oil weight is 0.9 gr to a ml
So check lab report If they state potency in Mg per gram good
But If they state a % of oil ratio then remember that oil is lighter


what market are you in?
there are potency limits in many states.

if 8oz is a “serving” then the should be 10-50mg THC in that “serving” if you’re aiming at new users. certainly less than 100mg unless you want to cause issues with a large percentage of users (or call it more than one serving).

In CO I believe a 500mg chocolate bar will fly. In OR it’s 50mg. and only if it’s divided into easily identified 10mg portions.

haven’t bothered memorizing CA rules yet.

I believe we had a 50mg 8oz ice cream for a while. We discontinued it based on sales. problem is, who buys ice cream at the dispensary? you’ve either got to eat it right then, or have come to the dispensary prepared to get that shit home with you. which essentially nobody did.

Of course, one might have a different experience in Southern California on the coast…