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High-Flow Kit updated to .270" orifice opening, 35% increase in size, scroll down.
Dual Pump Conversion kit, scroll down


Sale on WAX TRAPS. sale $199 each
Individual Wide Mouth Borosilicate Bottles for $15 each.
Sight-Glass Sieves, sale $225, 3/8" and 1/2" end caps available
Activated Alumina from Carbon Chemistry, 14KG, sale $160
(4) Used Across International AT19 vac/oven with UL cert, $1,000 each, scroll down
Used Collection Vessels, 150L conical bottom, 150L, 300L, scroll down
1.5HP Flameproof Motor, $300

Hello Future4200,

My name is Aaron and I work for EcoGreen Industries. I’m not the same Aaron that worked here previously, for anyone that may remember him. I’m not just someone hired to chat on the internet either. I actually work at the company, and not just from behind a desk. I can usually be found in the shop working on customers pumps, tig welding some stainless steel, helping to load and unload trucks, talking with customers, and/or figuring out how to make new ideas work so we can test them to see if they are viable. I’ll be checking in to post things and to help answer any questions that you might have. If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone here that does and get that answer for you, or just flat admit that I don’t know.

We have been busy this past year testing a few new ideas in the shop, trying to find better options and products for our customers. One of the newly tested products is our EGI High-Flow Kit for all three generations of the CMEP-OL recovery pump. This eliminates the factory valves that are horribly undersized, and upgrades to larger orifice hoses with optional larger orifice valves. Some customers don’t want valves, so they are an option for now. We are now offering the same replacement crank bearing for the CMEP-OL as we have in the past, but also an upgraded Ceramic Hybrid bearing. The new Hybrid bearing can operate at higher temperatures and handles the rpm’s better as well. To go with it, we are using a new non-toxic high temperature grease that’s good up to 1,400 degrees F, with a drop point of over 600 degrees F, and does not contain PTFE. This eliminates the worry of any off gas from PTFE grease that may reach over 460+ degree F. And we have also tested and have available a replacement motor for all generations of CMEP-OL that upgrades from 1hp to 1.5hp while staying with 115 volts.

We offer media from Carbon Chemistry, Media Bros, and BVV. We have large stocks of all our stainless steel fittings and continue to make custom hoses for customers (all pressure tested). We have new and refurbished CMEP-OL recovery pumps in stock and ready to ship out. We also have the large 710 pumps in stock with single phase or three phase motors. We sell MVP and Corken pumps as well. We stock columns, wax traps, sieves, gauges and more. And we ship solvents in and out all day long and store them in our indoor storage facility. Tanks and totes are not stored out in the weather here.

I’ll update this thread with pictures and products so people can check them out. If you have questions, please ask.

Thank you Future4200,

Here is the link EGI High-Flow Kit to check out. EGI High-Flow Kit for CMEP-OL

$80 w/o valves
$100 w/ valves

This kit fits all three generations of the pump and replaces the very small factory valves that have an orifice of .200" with hoses that have custom fittings that have an orifice opening of .270". As an option you can get valves with the kit. The opening of the valves is .270". This gives it a 35% larger orifice and helps to increase flow, but it also helps to reduce heat caused by the pump. When the vapor has to compress to go through the factory valves it creates friction, which in turn increases the heat. By removing both the small valves, you help to eliminate some of the added heat. The hoses are pressure tested, and the kit comes with loop hangers and hardware for attaching them.

This is not a “gets rid of all the heat” modification, nor will it suddenly double your output. But it does address one of the major concerns with the CMEP-OL recovery pumps, which are the very restrictive valves.


The first thing I did with those was remove the valves, about 6 years ago. It’s nice to have a simple kit now.
Put 9 on a collection and they move some solvent.


We also have a sale on a few items.

Carbon Chemistry MagSil in 20kg boxes, $1,999

Chiller Coils for $199

1L Borosilicate Glass Bottle, Wide Mouth w/ Sealed Lid for $289, case of 20
Single Bottle for $15 each.

Waiting on our production run of adapter plates and shafts before we do an official announcement, but soon you’ll be able to combine some of those CMEP’s together. 2 CMEP pump heads per motor (4 cylinders), all fitting inside the factory CMEP chassis (Gen 3). Combine that with the High-Flow kit and you can really move some volume while still being on a budget. And for less than other conversions on the market. We also already have 200+ new pump bodies and all the parts to build and sell brand new pump units with our new doubling kits or by themselves.

How long is the tubing on this coil? Nice price.

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Thanks for asking. Those are true 50ft coils with 1/2" tubing.

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EGI Dual Pump Conversion Kit
Check out our new conversion kit for the CMEP-OL compressors. This is a simple kit that actually doubles the output of the CMEP-OL compressors. We also answer the crank bearing reliability issues with our new High-Temp Non-Toxic WS2 grease.

Larger CFM than other conversions on the market.
Longer times between overhauls than other 4cyl compressors on the market.
Uses CMEP parts to keep costs down to the customers.
Send in your compressor for overhaul and this kit and we will make it a package deal for Future4200 customers only.
-Master Rebuild Kit $300
-Labor for rebuild $360
-Dual Pump Conversion Kit $1200
-Labor for installing Dual Pump Kit $360
-Total for package deal done at EGI $1,800 rebuilt and kit installed for Future4200 customers. Just mention your user name when purchasing. That means $0 labor to install the Dual Pump Conversion Kit, saving the customer $420. A savings amount that we can all love.



We have wax traps on sale right now, 3/8" NPT. Regular $495 and on sale currently for $199. Help protect your recovery pump and avoid unneeded overhauls or repairs. Here’s a link to them on our site.



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Thats what the teacher called me. LOL

Actually my kids call me this more than anyone. Damn adult kids. LOL

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Prices for CMEP-OL overhauls:

$660 if you send us the entire compressor unit.

$390 if you send us just the pump head unit itself.

Brand new pump units only, Gen 1, 2, or 3, with heads, for $900.

High-Flow kits available for all Generations, with valves, $100.

Dual Pump Kit, $1,200 parts only, $1,800 to overhaul your pump and install the Dual Pump kit, comes with the High-Flow Kit.

We also overhaul a large number of MVP and Corken pumps. We send and receive compressors for overhaul every day. We can help out with shipping and try to get you a lower rate. Give us a call (530)378-4443 and lets see what we can do for you.

Well done. I was trying to build my pump into a 4 cylinder a couple of months ago.
Do you guy’s buy back cmep pumps?

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Thank you. Our Dual Kit works really well and is a simple kit to install.

Sorry, at this time we don’t have a buy back program of any sort, and we have a large quantity of pumps that have been refurbished and also waiting to be refurbished already in stock. If you are looking at a trade in to get a dual pump or a different generation pump, then that is something we would look at.

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Actually that was my full intention was to trade/credit in some cmep pumps for a dual set up. My goal is to use less power and shorter run times. Which I do believe the dual set up will achieve.
What bearing’s do you use?
I ask because I switched to ceramic bearings and it makes a difference. I use a high temp white food grade grease. And I run them vertically, pump side up. I hear and feel difference. Maybe build a new vertical frame?
Is there any thoughts on changing the ptfe piston disk’s to anything else, like ceramic or something better. And if we do have to stay with those ptfe disks I think they should be larger in diameter bye a couple of millimeters. Or change the piston head completely to less parts.
These are just my thoughts and feedback I do appreciate your time and what the company is doing, thanks.

Let see if I can answer your questions.

We are now using a ceramic hybrid bearing in the dual pump kits and some standard rebuilds as well. We also use a non-toxic WS2 High Temp grease, and have very little run time difference between hybrids and standard with the new grease. With the old grease, yes the hybrids definitely ran longer. We have experimented with full ceramic bearings and found that they worked fine until they didn’t. In our tests, a fully ceramic bearing, once it blows, takes out more internal hard parts and would end up costing the end user more money in the long run. Didn’t happen that way all the time, but enough that we didn’t want customers to experience that.

We probably won’t do this for the simple fact of “demand”. We do have a new pump in the works that can be laid down or stood up, allowing the inlet and outlet fittings to be moved to two different positions, just for that option. The new pump would use the Dual CMEP pump heads and a new more efficient and more powerful 1.5hp motor and all new frame. No electronics to go out, no gauges to leak, and an inline bypass pressure valve rather than an electric pressure switch. Very simple, very easy to maintain, and easy to trouble shoot.

Yes, and we are already using them. They seal better against the cylinder wall, and last longer. We had a company analyze the factory rings and they made improvements to them. Do we believe they are perfect, no. But they are an improvement over the factory rings and don’t cost the customer any more out of their pocket. We had to be careful when trying to improve the rings. A little too thick and the motor had too much resistance. Also, too much friction creates unwanted heat. A very careful balancing act. While changing the piston head is an option, these do work good.

Changing the piston head would require a different connecting rod, which in turn would increase the cost to the customer. The benefit wouldn’t be a huge improvement, and in the end we have to look as cost/benefit ratio to the customer. Why charge three times more for a product that only get you 1.5 times the run time. It just didn’t make sense to use. Our goal, especially during the times we are facing now, is to keep the customers costs low. We can’t make money if everyone is going bankrupt from higher costs.

Thank you for asking the questions. And for a trade/credit towards a Dual pump, we can definitely talk and I’m sure we can come to an agreement that works for everyone.

The #1 biggest killer of the CMEP is user error, but that’s not anyone’s fault. And this only happens to some, not everyone does this. It’s been very common in the industry to use the pump almost like a vacuum pump at the end of the runs. It’s all great, but when the pump goes into negative pressure, it’s trying to suck air/vapor from anywhere it can. If the lines are out, the next place to get more air is from the inside the pump casing itself. What we have found is that under a hard vacuum load, the pump will actually pull the air, with grease included, out of the casing and into the lines. This contaminates everything without the user even knowing it. I had a customer say that the TRS doesn’t have that problem. I totally disagree, and that’s because the TRS is NOT a sealed case. It is not explosion proof, not at all. Any pump that has an open case won’t pull in the grease from the bearings, but they are pulling in open atmosphere that is also contaminating the system, and pushing out vapor into the open atmosphere as well when the TRS is under positive pressure. The customers that are making it the longest between rebuilds only use the pumps until they pull down to 0 or just into a negative, but not very much, and only long enough to shut things down. This has been a problem since the very beginning, but it was so common for people to use the CMEP to put a vacuum on the system, I don’t think many have noticed the outcome of doing this.

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We ordered two of these, one for a customer, and one to have in stock for sale. New Across International AT19-UL vacuum oven. I just got done unboxing it, plugged it in to make sure it was working correctly, and got it in the show room. Here is a link to it on our website, or call in for the discount.

Regular $2,290 plus shipping and/or tax,
and we’ll process your order with discount over the phone. (530)378-4443
Link: Across International AT19-UL

Our Sight-Glass Sieves are on sale. You can get them with 3/8" Female NPT end caps or 1/2" Female NPT end caps. They come full of 4A Zeolite beads. Regular $400, on sale for $225.

Link to Sieves

Activated Alumina from Carbon Chemistry, 14KG (7GAL bucket) on sale, reg $200, sale price $160

LINK to Alumina, choose 14KG size for sale price