Ebay FFE

Just wondering what the great people of the forum think about this Ebay FFE, they are claiming that for 15k you get an ffe that will recover 30-45 gallons per hour.

This guy bought one and loves it it seems


If those numbers are doable with this machine, which im highly skeptical about…you’re going to need to drop another 30-40k in ancillary equipment (dosing pump, recirculating Chiller, vac pump, vac controller, recirculating heater, gear pump to move oil…jus to name a few) to get her running proper.


That’s what I was thinking seems too good to be true lol

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Thanks for linking that i tried searching a little but didn’t find that post

for just the dirty chinese steel and frame this isnt a bad deal. it is nowhere near operational without all of the ancillary equipment.

it’s missing a lot of performance features/upgrades due to being based on an older design as well.

I’m currently reading the other post that was posted up top and seeing how your right for just the steel alone it’s a really good deal. Yes you would need thousands for ancillary equipment, but wouldn’t you still need that stuff if you spend 100k on a ffe? I’m a total noob when it comes to ffe but I’m trying to learn lol

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I think that’s the point. Buy this unit on eBay, spend 40k on the on the ancillary equipment and you save 50% +/-. I think this will be the way of the future for our industry. The consultants that have the know-how to peeve together equipment for 50% of the cost of off the shelf stuff. As long as they perform the same or better of the name brand your golden.

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I don’t recall many people saying you couldn’t upgrade one of these units and have it perform well. Just that you would have issues with PE report.

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That was discussed also. It would be s one time fee for the vendor and then he would have a comprable unit for half the cost.

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the vendor would need to supply all the ancillary equipment and it all needs to be certified together.

im waiting to have someone upgrade one of these to full compliance and give a total cost.


Yes, I agree, PE report is a weak excuse for price gauging as it will pay itself off within the first few units sold.


Just plain not true. We spent less than 24 and are recovering around 28 and hour currently with no gear pumps or pressure pumps.

Does anybody else offer discounts on other items once you have paid for a film unit?

We did the research.

It’s hilarious how the guys who spent 150k on theirs don’t realize their steel stock is also from China lol

95% of extraction companies either use a full on certified Chinese manufacturer or but China stock and weld in America.

The extractor we bought is 3A certified and the gentleman selling them is very professional and clearly not trying to gouge people lol

Plus I got a unit with vacuum jacket and could have upgraded to 8” evap and cond. Parts
When I called bizzy I was scared to even ask how much these upgrades would be

Not sure why @downtheterphole has such an issue with this guy and his company, but they have been nothing but amazing to me, and also a few people I referenced to him.

So hate, doubt, naysay, but the video proof is put up on my post, so take the hate elsewhere lol.

Falling Formulations Family for the win! :ok_hand::ok_hand:


I haven’t seen even ONE east coast state that requires peer reviews for ethanol recovering units.

They have been accustomed to distilleries for decades and are aware of the basic nature of ethanol evaporation and condensation.

I don’t think that will ever be a requirement over here, sorry it is for you guys :pensive:


The owner claims that everything is made in the USA and the Chinese stole his designs- I maybe pissed em off a bit when I messaged him but he is active on here in some form as he referenced some content I posted here after I started talking shit about imported Chinese FFEs

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I love that these guys are selling barebones units as this is super preferable for a guy like me who wants to spec his own ancillary gear - I remember when pope quoted me nearly $500 for a heat gun, I’m sure it was a really really nice heat gun but that made me really wanna research damn near every single piece of gear on their list and figure out what was absolutely nessescary and what was just tacked on “turnkey” bullshit.

Turnkey is code for “you lazy and stupid and we chargin you for it”


He never claimed it was USA foundry steel at least to me

Find a company that does and can prove it and I would be very very surprised.

If you mention my name @Rowan you can get 5% off!

He told me to expect a lot of hate from other people that spend 100-150 k more lol I see he was definitely right :man_shrugging:


I just assumed that the lone eBay listing was just a China reseller when I found it, they were asking $15k but bumped it to 15.5k the day after I messaged

What are they now? 24k?

This industry is so weird

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He Told me when I ordered that the 15k tag was for start up customers, not that I really cared lol, I had 100k set aside for a bizzy when I found Falling Formulations

I would check the site, last I looked it was 20

Overall the risk I took with the new company has paid off far more than I planned, they unknowingly were my saving grace

And I Highly doubt they are profiting very much off of these units. I’ve said it before and will say it again, hats off to FF for finally being the company to step up to the plate as far as honest pricing.