Seems to be the cheapest falling film on the market??

Hi, new to the forum and to larger scale processing in general, I stumbled across this today on eBay and was wondering it would work to evaporate 2-300 gallons of crude per day and if anybody has experience with something like this?


Will depend on surface area, then if there is enough surface area you’ll have to put in the kw of heating and cooling neccessary.

Do you think it would be a good purchase or should I just buy rotary evaporators?

We already have a couple poly science -20 chillers and a large oil bath recirculating heater we could purpose for this, but just curious if anybody has ever bought one or has experience

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You will also need 10-20k in gear pumps


and a chiller, steam gen or recirculating heater too


Gear pumps? Can I use peralstaltic pumps?
I thought I remember seeing someone using those with something like this ,

this is a chinese ripoff of a bizzybee ffe, itll work but youll need several dozen grand in ancillary piece. but yes its much better than a rotovap


I dont care where it comes from , I know most people use Chinese steel anyways, just curious if anybody has ever used one and If peralstaltic pumps would work with it?

I have a couple polysviemce chillers and a heating oil recirculator, I think they would work, maybe wont make it run at it’s full capability, but I think it’s still much better than a
Rotovap? I like the idea continueus flow

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they would certainly work, just you wouldnt be using the systems full capacity. which is fine to start off with, but eventually youd want more heating and cooling power to really unlock the full capabilities of the system. but fursure itll be miles beyond a roto

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The ability of an FFE to have throughput exceeding a roto is dependent on the amount of surface area it has, and the the cooling/heating power of the appliances you connect to it for heating and cooling. Ethanol takes a certain amount of power to evaporate and recondense and the calcs for that have been posted on here multiple times, I think there’s even a spreadsheet floating around somewhere. IMO, if you don’t have enough power on those, you’re probably going to be asking your gear pumps to drop bottom on speed more than they are able and as such, won’t be able to operate continuously and will instead have to babysit the machine as much or more than a rotovap.

There’s ways to make a roto nearly continuous feed on the cheap, like a fine adjust needle valve on the input side and a gear or peristaltic pump with controller on the ethanol side, and I personally built a vacuum slurp tank to make emptying finished crude far faster and easier. There’s also really expensive ways to do the same (like spending another $120k on a fully automatic Heidolph)

Be aware too that you will likely still need a rotovap or a dedicated reactor for getting the last 5-10% solvent out of your crude once it’s left the FFE (you can’t completely remove the solvent or you won’t be able to pump your crude out) and then ramp temps up to decarb. Can’t speak to your process but my WFE guy would be real pissed if I didn’t decarb my crude before I sent it to him.

Lastly, if you are going to be putting this piece of equipment somewhere subject to an AHJ or fire marshal inspection, good luck getting it passed without a UL listing on the controls and a peer review or other engineering proof that it won’t spontaneously combust.

Also, if you’re anywhere near Colorado and in need of some 50L import rotos, we have 4-5 we’re going to be selling very soon.


I think I like the idea of this paired with the 20l rotovap I already have, thanks for the knowledge! I like of the idea of saving $80k over the other similar ones I was looking at

And like I said even if I don’t max out the capabilities I think I’m going to be way better off than with getting a s$&@ tin more rotovaps lol

Yes a peristaltic will work for this, better off with a gear pump however.

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Can you expand just a bit? Is the perstaltic style typically too small?

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They seem to cost the same but youll have to replace the hoses often on the peristaltic(every 20 or so hours for some).


Gear pump with hard lines instead is the fix I spose? Can you recommend a decent unit?

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well, it will work better than a rotovap.
it’s not very efficient looking.


From what I’ve seen most peristaltic pumps of descent size only have 3 rotors, and in order to not have problems pumping against vacuum with a peristaltic you need at least 6-8 rotors otherwise you have problems with recursion. 6+ rotor peristaltics aren’t terribly expensive when they move tiny amounts of liquid but they get stupid expensive real quick once you are wanting to get into the 1+ GPM range.


wholly shi$%!! this is by FAR the cheapest falling film I have seen yet lol,really tho, how much worse than a bizzybee or some 100k bullshit could it be? unless the steel is irradiated lol I’m not seeing this as an issue…hmmmmm :face_with_monocle: