Drying Extracts

I’m curious to hear what everyone else is doing to dry out their extracts that have undergone some moisture contamination. We have had batches of diamond sauce and hash rosin that both have a bit of a crackle over the years. What ways do you use to remediate this while minimizing loss of quality?

Vacuum ovens.

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How would you remove water but keep terps (sauce and rosin) in a vacuum oven?

I’m assuming by quality he meant keeping the lighter terpenes.

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Yeah, they will want to fly away with the water vapor.

Yeah, we’d rather avoid a vac oven to keep terps and prevent the rosin from buttering up if at all possible.

3A molecular sieves have been suggested. Might even work.

Water fits inside, terps don’t.

Exactly how one might apply them is unclear to me. there is at least one proposal on the subject lying around here somewhere.

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@Soxhlet recommended a vacuum dessicator. I am interested to know how these work, to the tubes!

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I use a Rubbermaid and desiccant packs to dry wet rosin. Takes 7-14 days.

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I can assure you that -15 to -20 in vac oven ,70-80f and time the vac will pull the water out…ppl say don’t go over that so I don’t, mine come out Perfectly Everytime,(if not then I would ask is it dewax?)… Your terps will not go anywhere, as long as your controlled about it, how do you think these guys sell terps? They clean just like I told you, separation makes it easier…as far the Diamonds… They shouldn’t sizzle, sounds like they need more time in oven no vac,80-85f… You can pull full vac to be quicker but it may ruin some clarity of the stones when stuck Tane pops out, and if to large they may have to be busted down to smaller chunks before throwing in the vac oven no vac,or controlled vac chamber with precise temp controlled heating pad… I always noticed if stones sizzle they need more time… If that doesn’t fix than a more controlled growth will give you the solid structure you need!

As far rosin…I was under impression ,it is what it is… You do anything else and it’s no longer the whole “rosin” idea… Does your dried and cured rosin do this?

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A vacuum oven can volitilize and whisk terpenes away to the pump. A desiccant is a substance that is molecularly hungry for water. It can dry the atmosphere, and in turn dehydrate any item within said atmosphere. It is a inherently more gentle approach for removal of excess h20 than vaccum drying. Especially is the extract one is drying wasn’t solvent extracted, no need to remove solvent here. Only downside I see to dessicators is improper use, and desiccant dust contamination.

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Definitely not disagreeing, much more precise and esay approach would be much better…

I know you know your shit, was just saying more along the lines to some the ppl that don’t have all that knowledge, the micro amounts it’s gonna pick up after 4 days at that small vac, is it nano amounts? Or micro? Get what I’m saying here? To the ppl with not the knowledge…
The not all gonna get up and leave after 4 days at-20 are they? I’m really?

And if they can go that fast, then can those particular terps even make it through packaging and to the person without evap? I’m just curious buddy enlighten me… Im sure it’s just something I haven’t figured out or thought of, and I know you can help me!!! Like a VAULT of Cannabis knowledge in that head of yours!

Maybe there is a way we can apply freeze drying and/or sublimation to remove water from terps.

Desiccators.pdf (445.9 KB)
Check out this dessicator guide.

The problem is they evaporate as a mixture. You may be able to partition the essential oil from the hydrosol by freezing and decanting.

Ahh so is he picking the water up by freezing it for storage?

It’s akin to freeze drying, although instead of a vacuum sublimating the water you have a desiccant absorbing it. Just like how you see fog coming off dry snow, or freezer burn in your freezer.

Thanks for all the input. Moisture contamination from rosin was likely improper storage of water hash in the freezer before squishing. With butane, it was from condensation into the bulk jar. Both very minimal but I wouldn’t want to sell it that way.

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Yeah the storage in freezer idk about for that reason, these guys are the pros though

Most of them would have the water removed when their removing the solvent through couple different steps, crashing, separation,vac oven with vac, without, each part lil different…

If your talking about that shouldn’t that get cleaned up though the whole process of something like the otsc tek

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