Molecular Sieve Hash Drying Tek Idea

So I haven’t tried this yet, but my thought is since 3a molecular sieve only picks up water molecules, can we utilize it to efficient retain the terps instead of having to air dry or freeze dry it.
I tried just throwing the two together but the molecular sieve breaks into a dust and makes it impossible to mechanically seperate the two.

I was thinking if you had an enclosed chamber like a vacuum oven that had shelfs, you can place the fresh hash on a 50 micron screen (to allow air flow and not let trichomes fall through) for each shelf. Place molecular sieve on the bottom shelf so that the dust doesn’t fall down onto the hash and make an inlet on the bottom and outlet on top. Fill the chamber with nitrogen gas so that it keeps things preserved and also prevents things from growing since they would be suffocated in 100% nitrogen environment. Then flow “air” through the chamber continuously. Ideally you would have some pressure build on the bottom with a HEPA filter to create a laminar flow.

The molecular sieve should pick up about 20% of its weight in water, so if you know how much water is in your hash you just calculate a tad over that. I believe you can monitor the progress too, by using a hygrometer, it should read high from the moisture of the hash then once all the water is trapped inside the molecular sieve it should read 0%.


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Get a vacuum dessicator, been in chemistry for God knows how long.


@Matt889 molsieves are a solid idea

And the lab standard @Soxhlet recommends is cheap

Just add a cheap oilless vacuum pump Eg

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What the heck?! Cool! Uhh… What?! I already have a small vacuum pump for when I was blasting BHO, so I have a full little vacuum chamber setup, but, with that thingy you just linked, I think I can put it in the freezer while under vacuum? That might do exactly what I want for cheap and basic hash drying eh

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Did you watch the “freezing water by sucking” video?

The shelves in the dryer are HEATED.

You can certainly freeze, then place in chamber.

You can also achieve frozen JUST by sucking…

The vacuum pump you have is probably a rotary vane pump. They don’t like water. At a min you’ll want to change the oil after every run. You could do like the guy in the linked video does, and add desiccants (or molsieves), or get a pump that doesn’t mind getting wet.

Or a cold trap?

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Absolutely, although it will probably run more than a cheap diaphragm pump…

Could get a cheap bvv one

And rig it with the appropriate fittings and adapters :octopus:

Yeah you can find used diaphragm pumps on craigslist and on the forum or cheap Chinese 60/l min ones off eBay.

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