Don't You Want to Smoke Bieber Weed?


“the specific strains include indica, sativa, and citrus terpenes.”



“A portion of every purchase will go to Veterans Walk and Talk, a non-profit that advocates for the medicinal use of psychedelics and cannabis for veterans, and the Last Prisoner Project, which is dedicated to criminal justice reform around cannabis convictions and helps those impact by marijuana convictions.”

Glad to see some non-profits benefiting from the cash-grab, at least.



Weed is beer

I can’t think of one celebrity endorsed or owned beer that’s big even in the craft world

Even in the spirit sector you only have ciroc and ace of spades and then aviation gun which I’ve never seen in stores.

Wasting all this money on celeb endorsements is dumb. Grow better weed and focus on branding like cookies or jungle boys or connected


Sam Elliot- Coors
Will Ferrrel- Old Milwaukee
Snoop Dogg- Colt45 Blast

They all moved the needle with sales. Craft beer is a different beast. I sold macro and micro beer for 10 years.


Yes beer companies use celebrities in commercials

You don’t see announcements in WSJ about will Ferrell or Adam Elliot starting a beer company akin to the beiber announcement above

If weed can advertise this would be a good use for celebrities, hiring them like actors to be in commercials instead of giving them a cut to call it Bieber weed

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For liquor, Conor Mcgregor’s a super successful example. Obviously agree with your point emphasizing ops over celebrities though

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I’ve also never seen that brand of liquor in any of the stores I frequent. Never seen it in a bar either.

Tons of celebrities and the affluent get custied in the re-bottle our liquor scam. Every asshole in Hollywood has some tequila brand I’ve never heard of.

Ciroc is pretty mainstream however

Celebrities own liquor companies too:


George Clooney has a successful tequila company.


Can you buy it at your liquor store?

I’ve never heard of it and I am an avid alcohol consumer

Yup they all own some re-bottled brand no one has heard of

Lol its not patron but the dude is selling bottles. I’m sure you can buy it in LA.

Sounds like clickbait but if he sold his company for a billion dollars someone’s gotta be drinking it.

If Bieber wanted to sign me to his team to extract I’d do it


Casamigos is super popular, but isn’t even that great.

Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo is better imo. (he doesn’t own it anymore, though)

I’ve actually heard of Cabo wabo

I think Clooney sold his portion

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Beiber isn’t making a company or building a team.

His management was approached by a licensed producer with a deal to rep the brand for a cut.

Think 50 cent and vitamin water. 50 cent didn’t build a water factory and hire water infusers

Dude will probably not even visit the facility for a photo op as it would cost more.

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Yup, Ryan Reynolds sold his gin brand too.

50 Cent sold Effin Vodka, which was TERRIBLE. Only thing worse I’ve had is Snoop Dogg’s 19 crimes Cali Red. Nasty