Don’t wanna blow myself up

Hey future fam!

So I’m just about to get my first CLS run under way and I have one question…

I just put up an electric fence to keep my flock safe, and the fencing runs about 4 feet from my “lab” (just a pop up canopy with walls for prying neighbor eyes)

Is it safe to have the electric fence going while I do a run? Or is this a possible ignition point and It needs to be turned off when I’m doing anything.

Sorry if this is uber newb, just trying to make myself some good dabs, lol, and don’t wanna go boom!!

Thank you for any guidance!!

If open blasting, NO.
If closed loop, I’d still say no.


Turn off the fence while you work out there…

Idk if it’s safe or not, but I’m not going to be the guy to tell you it’s all good lol

Better safe than sorry!


Yea I guess that’s the best call! Much better to be safer than sorry!

I’ll just have to render to turn it back on, lol!

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idk, that a new one. my gut says turn the fence off for extraction, then flip it back on afterword’s.
But then again, I’ve seen fires started with just static electricity.


you could run it on a timer?

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Do you mean run the fence on a timer?

I guess I’m really only worried about having it on at night for predators. So turning it off and just putting it back should be ok?

As far as the static electricity goes, would turning it off and letting it sit for a few hours beforehand be ok? I’ve also heard grass can also? Planning on putting some pallets down as flooring.

Lol, getting nervous.

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You should be fine with static as far as the fence goes. They are grounded so it shouldn’t be a problem as soon as you turn it off


I used to use 50 miles of cattle fencing on a farm as a shortwave antenna. Amazing pre-grounded bastards. I could pick up radio stations in the Florida keys from rural as fuck CO - alternatively that should also say about how well it keeps things around


yeah, if its not a problem with your amimals?

don’t be too nervous, just use your common sense. Make sure you have a garden hose and a shovel if anything were to go wrong, make sure you are away from trees and anything that could burn.


It would only ignite if you had a leak and one of your animals was close by you and touched the fence.

Even then, if you evacuate the air out of the system before introducing solvent then if your fence system did ignite the vapor it would make a flame thrower and not an explosion.

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No, get something conductive to touch it and discharge the wire instead of waiting for it to happen.

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Id find a different spot. I worked on a horse farm when I was young, ive seen little arcs jump on fences. Treat your closed loop like an oxy fuel torch set up hazmat handling wise, then double down on your safety after that. Ive had bad thing happen with no fires… Doesnt take much.


Thank you so much everyone for the responses!! Been crazy busy on farm projects and am still a couple weeks away from blasting. I

This is really the only place I can put the “lab” up at and not be seen. Definitely will turn off the fence and discharge it as everyone says!

A little nervous but planning on putting pallets down on the ground to work on, and have coolers/ equipment sit them.

I’ve always open blasted in this area it didn’t have the fence at that time.

Thank you so much for all the guidance!!

Set a reminder on your phone or something to turn the fence back on. I know I’d forget that until something got out.

As far as the pallet floor goes, make sure you don’t cover it with a material that will generate static like carpet or plastic.

Let’s extract near my Electric Fence
It will be a blast

No but for reals don’t extract near an electric anything!!! Solvent + Open Electricity = kab00m!!!

My personal opinion is to just move your setup somewhere else not near the electric fence.

There is a difference between an explosion and a conflagration. A fuel air explosion happens when the mixture is ignited and expands dramatically. It is the expanding hot gases that push everything out of their way trying to get out, that results in the explosion. If it isn’t contained, it just flashes.

That said, I would turn it off or relocate the tent. I would also use enough ventilation that any leaks are quickly diluted below LEL, because even a flash is hotter than molten steel.


Can you isolate that section of the fence with a disconnect so that only it is turned off??

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People that are worried about an electric fence have never had a lab next to a grow.

If your lab space is c1d1 they could be blowing glass outside and you’d be good

If your lab space isn’t intrinsically safe the electricity in your space is more of a concern.


This is a very bad idea. You want to engineer out all possibilities of human error. Do it at least 25 ft away from that area.