Does anyone know where to get custom pre roll cigarette paper tubes?


Does anyone know where to get custom pre-rolls in tube form? I figured alibaba/madeinchina or something but I can’t seem to get any results there… not sure if I have to turn on my VPN or something…

I’m specifically looking for rice paper tubes with a hollow filter.

Thanks! : cigarette tubes
Here’s something

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I have gotten custom ones from here before. They are out of Hong Kong.

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Yeah, I just hear cigarette tubes aren’t good for cannabis related products because of the filter.

what are these guys doing? they have a star cut in the center of the filter.

Unfortunately upon emailing, they don’t have cigarette-style tubes.

Those have spent bio in them or they mix it with spent at least. The auto cig tube filling machines don’t work with anything sticky.


I didn’t realize you were looking for cig tubes. I just saw pre-roll :man_facepalming:The ones that are available were grandfathered in, I don’t think you can get custom ones to sell in USA. ATF.

So the only thing someone can get their hands on now are plain-style tubes with no branding on them? An example of what I’m looking for is the same cigarette that Plain Jane, Redwood Reserve, etc uses. A unique one that’s nice is Qiwi.

I’m not even sure you can get them plain, but I never looked too hard.

Edit: Are you trying to put cannabis into these? If so, you are going to have a bad time.

Your original post and follow-up comments were sort of conflicting, so I am not entirely sure if you are in search of customizable prerolls or cigarette papers with filters.

Here is something I found after a quick google search for “customizable prerolls”.

Sorry, let me clarify. I’m looking for paper tubes (so yeah, cigarette tubes, just not made of that paper used in cigarettes) that could fit nicely in a cigarette box. I’ve seen them made of hemp and rice paper before, just not sure how to get them.

Why not contact raw or futurola & have a custom batch made for your company

This might be a good option as well:


Yeah, I’m in touch with them and apparently they can’t do custom pre roll tubes as of right now, unknown when they can again. Looking for an alternative to them.

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The company that does 50cents, post malones, & the ones posted above all take in your bio I believe & process it into cartons for you

Hempshire group I believe


Not getting results for Hempshire, but maybe Hempacco? EDIT: NVM Found them

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Just wanted to get back to everyone, unfortunately after an initial round of emails to all these companies, so far no one has any idea where they’re getting this mystical pre roll straight rice paper tube from.

I emailed some of the companies using them directly, but I doubt they’ll turn up with any answers.

Hey Marss

We have unbranded cigarette tubes with hollow filters here:

OR you can take a look at our artisan style tubes. Which are cigarette tubes but using rolling paper instead of cigarette paper.

If you want to try these out - give us a call and we can get samples sent to you.

You can see our previous work, catalog, etc.

We can label tunes in house, small Moq and fast turn.