Do large scale Ethanol Extractors use copper condensers or just stainless steel?


Are you talking about you’re processing container? As in trying to get your last solvent off your biomass? Or are you talking in your still when you distillate down to really really low level that turns your solvent blue?


as in “substitute for a centrifuge”.

drip dried cannabis still has 10-15% of your solvent in there.

unless you turn gravity up 1000x using a centrifuge (shameless plug) like the ACE spinner


Ohhh I gotcha ya now! My process will involve running that last last bit out in a fuge. When I distill it will only be ethanol/oil then distill down to 10% left. Then into a rotovap. So no plant material whatsoever in still or using to pull last bit out of biomass. Still is only for distilling 90% of my ethanol/oil mix. So copper in my condenser should be fine then? Correct?


clearly using copper condensers.



Thank you I can breathe again I was almost having a heart attack today ha ha


I wonder why folks seem to forget about aluminum. It is a food contact safe material, resistant to corrosion, and has heat transfer properties about equal to copper, just with lower heat capacity.


So aluminum for the win?


isn’t there a link between aluminium and forgetfulness? :wink:


Not really. Metallic aluminum forms a thin layer of oxide, known as corundum (think ruby hardness), on its surface. As long as you don’t have a strong reducing agent like mercury, or strong acids in contact with the aluminum oxide, it remains untouched. So unless you actually eat or inject a bunch of aluminum (likely and organic complex thereof), developing Alzheimer’s from ingesting aluminum is not going to happen. It is more likely, albeit still unlikely, to get aluminum poisoning from anti-perspirant than cooking or processing fairly inert compounds with it.


What about plating the Copper with Nickel?


That is also a feasible option, but plating is not always considered food safe. Some folks have sensitivity to nickel, but the bigger concern would be delamination over time, especially considering the thermal expansion and contraction. Maybe check to see the differences in coefficients of thermal expansion (CoTE) of the two materials.


go with ss, the etoh you reclaim is going back in for more extraction.


If we go with ss since we are working under vacuum he says the column will have to be as big around as a keg to make it efficient


Check out Falling Film Evaporators, all SS and very high throughputs.



haven’t gotten this beast up and running yet.

should do 100gal in about two hrs (calcs are lying around here somewhere). shipped with out the defleg

note the manway to send Hansel in after the goods :wink:


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: you build yourself?


What’s in your condenser? Where did you get your tanks?


nope. didn’t even assemble the parts.

essentially off-the-shelf from a still builder in the ozarks

condenser is standard product shotgun

haven’t seen it in several months. column is probably 6"

I believe it was less than $20k for everything pictured here. Probably looking at $40k with steam generator & appropriate chiller. maybe $35k with a hot water heater instead of steam.

Edit: Stopped by this afternoon. Condenser is 6"x48".


I just figured out to reply to specific ppl on here lol


What size is your column?