Do large scale Ethanol Extractors use copper condensers or just stainless steel?


I want to make that still my wife


What do you use the steam for?


steam? heating the jacket on the boiler.

one could use direct heat…

Note: this was never run in this manner.
I was just messing with the boss on how to scale the turbo 500 from 5-15 gal.

pretty sure this was only a few days before RSOsie self assembled out in the shop.


That’s a wonderful idea. I was thinking a big galvanized horse trough with six hot water heating elements in it. Or like I did when I was shining a good old crab pot cooker propane open flame nothing to make a guys thing on his toes like that


Where can I purchase that tank?


just for @PrecisionNick

2015 PX1 used as an ethanol extraction rig & recovery still

I don’t understand the plumbing as pictured. but it did work. pretty sure the cannabis is in the jacketed column. can’t tell what I was using as a condenser. this was probably my second attempt. the first one was way less obvious…boss told me to make BHO, but we were not licensed for hydrocarbons, so I obsfucated :wink:

looks like it was under vac, so there is probably a cmep-ol off-screen somewhere.



stupid vac still number 6?


I didn’t like the way the ethanol tasted after going through the trs-21. putting the condenser before the pump, and dropping the recovered solvent into a keg would have been a better idea…

that’s a MKIII terp base in a 750W soup tureen. :wink:
there’s a 50’ 3/8" ss coil in the freezer, embedded in ice.


posting here because of the vinegar column wash.

probably helpful to some of our smaller scale/home users as well.