Diy seperatory funnel

So new sepfunnel in the making take a tile Diamond drill and drill a hole in the botom of a flower vase diameter of a chromatografie colum Some epoxy and gleu them together reinforce epoxy with Some fiberglass cloth and ready
I put. A mixer on top for Some mixing action workes like a charm

cool, just watch what solvents are compatible with your glues.


I use high chemical resistent epoxy grade a so guess most solvents a covered
I. Check If i get Some info as to Wich chemical don t go Well with epoxy

Chemical Product Epoxy Resistance to Chemical Product
Acetic Acid (20%) Excellent
Acetone Not Recommended
Acetylene Excellent
Alcohol - Ethyl Excellent (temperature < 120oF, 50oC)
Alcohol - Isopropyl Excellent
Alcohol - Methyl Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Aluminum Chloride Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Aluminum Fluoride Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Aluminum Hydroxide Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Aluminum Sulfate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Amines Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ammonia - Liquid Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ammonia 10% Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ammonium Carbonate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ammonium Chloride Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ammonium Hydroxide Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ammonium Nitrate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ammonium Phosphate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ammonium Sulfate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Amyl acetate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Aniline Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Barium Carbonate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Barium Chloride Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Barium Hydroxide Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Barium Sulfate Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Barium Sulfide Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Beer Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Benzol Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Borax Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Boric acid Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Bromine Not Recommended
Butadiene gas Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Butane gas Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Butyl acetate Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Butaric Acid Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Calcium Bisulfite Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Calcium Carbonate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Calcium Chloride Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Calcium Hydroxide Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Calcium Hypochlorite Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Calcium Sulfate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Carbon dioxide gas Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Carbon Tetrachloride Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Carbonic Acid Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Citric Acid Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Copper Chloride Excellent
Copper Nitrate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Dichloroethane Good (temperature < 120oF, 50oC)
Diesel Fuel Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ethyl acetate Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ethyl chloride Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ethylene glycol Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Fatty Acids Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ferric Chloride Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ferric Sulfate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ferrous Chloride Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Ferrous Sulfate Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Fluorine gas Note Recommended
Fluosilicic acid Fair
Formaldehyde, 40% Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Formic Acid Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
R-12 dichlorodifluoromethane Excellent
Gasoline Excellent
Glucose Good
Glycerine Excellent
Heptane Excellent
Hexane Good
Hydraulic Fluid Excellent
Hydrobromic Acid, 100% Not Recommended
Hydrochloric acid, 20% Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Hydrocyanic Acid Excellent
Hydrofluoric Acid, 75% Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Hydrogen Peroxide, 10% Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Hydrogen Sulfide Excellent
Jet Fuel Excellent
Kerosene Excellent
Lactic Acid Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Lead acetate Excellent
Magnesium Carbonate Excellent
Magnesium Chloride Excellent
Magnesium Hydroxide Excellent
Magnesium Nitrate Excellent
Magnesium Sulfate Excellent
Maleic Acid Excellent
Mercury Excellent
Methyl Ethyl Ketone Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Naphtha Excellent
Naphthalene Excellent
Nickel Chloride Excellent
Nickel Sulfate Excellent
Nitric Acid Not Recommended
Oil - Castor Excellent
Oleic acid Excellent
Oxalic Acid Excellent
Phenol Good
Phosphoric Acid Good
Picric Acid Excellent
Potassium Bicarbonate Excellent
Potassium Bromide Excellent
Potassium Carbonate Excellent
Potassium Chloride Excellent
Potassium Dichromate Fair
Potassium Hydroxide Excellent
Potassium Nitrate Excellent
Potassium Sulfate Excellent
Propane, liquid Excellent
Silver Nitrate Excellent
Soaps Excellent
Sodium Acetate Excellent
Sodium Bicarbonate Excellent
Sodium Bisulfate Excellent
Sodium Carbonate Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Sodium Chlorate Excellent
Sodium Chloride Excellent
Sodium Cyanide Excellent
Sodium Fluoride Excellent
Sodium Hydroxide, 50% Good (temperature < 120oF, 50oC)
Sodium Hypochlorite, 100% Not Recommended
Sodium Nitrate Excellent
Sodium Silicate Excellent
Sodium Sulfate Excellent
Sodium Sulfite Excellent
Sodium Thiosulfate Excellent
Stannic Chloride Excellent
Stearic Acid Good
Sulfuric Acid, 75-100% Fair (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Sulfur Dioxide Excellent (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Tannic Acid Excellent
Tartaric Acid Excellent
Toluene Good (temperature < 72oF, 22oC)
Turpentine Good
Urine Excellent
Vinegar Excellent
Water - Distilled Excellent
Water - Fresh Excellent
Water - Sea, Salt Excellent
Xylene Excellent
Zinc Chloride Excellent

So only Acetone the obvios is not recomended to use
Terpentine (natural) consists of Some natural terps so hรจ good to go for most chemical s๐Ÿ˜€

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Unless your planning on dooing sep funnel work at temps above 220C

Here was my first style of separatory funnel. I used these when just starting out and was delving into louching of extract out of alcohol with water. I had VERY humble beginnings in the art lol. A sep funnel sure made it easier but in a pinch it worked (mostly). :sunglasses: I would just nip the corner with scissors when ready to drain.