Diy dabs start up

What’s the easiest way to produce on a small scale good dabs?

I just bought a cheap blast tube and figure I need a vac to purge n make bho . Would it be better to just buy or make a rosin press? I know I could use the rosin chips for edibles ect. I just don’t know what the most cost effective route would be.

I’m getting units for 1600 that is testing around 30% . I have a huge bho shatter market n my guy flopped out n got on bad drugs. No one around Baltimore Maryland has wholesale dabs so what would you guys suggest?

I don’t need distillate. I have a few 100 grams still. What can I make with this excellent product??

Go the rosin route for safety and a way to build up. Only press flower if it is fresh. If it isn’t fresh, you can always keif it, grade it, and then press it inside of a filter bag to produce some very pretty stuff.

With the rosin route, you can cheap out and live to tell the tale. Once you have enough for a quality closed loop, you could then diversify your offerings to satisfy all those wholesalers :wink:


It can be cured bud correct? I feel that I have a great product I took this picture in the pitch black

Cured bud is great for the press. Good moisture content is key

Your flower looks great. If you’re not willing to invest around 5k (before materials) in a system you are going to have trouble making any BHO that can compete with the final product that you can make with a rosin press. By all means, play around with moisture content on your bud and see if you can make something you like. Otherwise, you could buy a nice little keif tumbler, build a press, and invest in some good micron bags for around a grand and have a tasty, clean final product.

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I don’t know about that, getting into BHO isn’t that difficult or expensive, there’s just a certain level of risk if you do it wrong. If you take all the proper precautions and don’t do anything stupid it’s safe as can be. You can get a good CLS from @Killa12345 for the same price or less than a decent rosin press setup and your product will be far superior (unless you think added waxes and lipids are good in your extract, then go for rosin)


The risks are pretty significant both for safety and legality with BHO… or, at least, in CA. I am all for people getting a BHO system and learning how to create the best, most pure final product. I firmly believe that BHO is a great way of doing this. I didn’t do the purchasing for our setup so I may have shot a little high on price. The stuff sold by @killa12345 looks great for a great price but its not like you can just buy the CLS and be set. You are going to need a solvent tank, recovery tank, nitrogen tank, vacuum oven, and a few other odds and ends… not to mention a private, well ventilated or private outdoor space. All of these things are likely to add quite a bit to the cost. So yeah… maybe you could have some fats and waxes in the mix but you also eliminate virtually all chance of things going boom and cops at the door. That’s why I made the recommendation I did.

If he plays its safe with rosin, he should have enough for a quality closed loop first run, then the pumps and accessories the next run. Then the miners. Then the ovens. He has to treat it like a real business and reinvest or risk stagnation


Now where is the cheapest rosin press?

In your local harbor freight waiting to be made

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Bro harbor frieght is my spot what would one rosionoer need

Is there info on that here