Distilling CBG in a wiped film

I’m wondering who here has run CBG through a wiper and if the fears that it can crystallize on the internal condenser and cause anti-meltdowns are unfounded… id imagine that it’s not too much concern but please wiper pros enlighten me

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Your probably looking at 3-5 labs in the country that are running CBG through a wiped film. If that. That would be a huge amount of CBG until this years CBG material begins processing


It’s gotta be dry by now, there is crude available- whats the holdup?


I heard this claim too, maybe from the same people you did. It sounds very unrealistic to me.


Your condensed shouldnt be cold enough to cause crystallization. Hot condenser tech will prevent this. I’ve only seen it crystallize in the flask, I think @mj_martini on IG has videos of it crystallizing coming out of the wiper

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People still can’t quite dial in the parameters. Have several people all sending out samples now for labs to prove their capabilities.

Idk what the hold up is. You Wana figure it out I have a lab that will be doing R&D on it… you know where to find me and where a job waits :wink:

Still having wiper problems?

Not sure if it’s wiper problems or boiling points or what

Whatre you distilling?

What’s the vacuum level at?

Me? I’m not distilling CBG yet. Just the problems I’ve heard labs are having

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Ah okay I thought you were having problems I was like bro reach out to me I’m alway here to help lol

Haha nah we would have been figured that shit out. It ain’t rocket science. Just slightly adjusted wiper speed and temp

Haven’t heard of crystallization problems, but one lab who bought some G biomass from us ended up over heating in a FFE and converted 40% of the batch to CBD…

I’ve been distilling a good amount of CBG on a Wiped film.
Run your internal condenser around 65-70C and you shouldn’t have any problems. I’ve also been talking labs through the process and teaching some pro tips for problems when they come up.
It seems like it’s mostly fear giving folks pause, as the parameters are not much different than CBD. You can go a little hotter on the distillation temp if anything.

The biggest problem is getting the crude out of an FFE. If you don’t leave an excess of EtOH it tends to clog up and it becomes a problem to get it to flow out of the apparatus.


Serious question though

How do you get it out of the recieving flask once its crystallized?


I bet that’s tough

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Small bursts in the microwave, or a gentle water bath, etc.

it’s ready to go back to a liquid just above room temp. You don’t have to get it very hot.

It seems just a little more prone to crystallizing at slightly lower temps and at slightly lower concentrations than CBD across the board, Raw crude, de-carbed Crude, Distillate, they will all crystallize fairly readily compared with CBD material.


Here I’ve already poured off the more liquid distillate so as to better show the crystallization.

Here it is after heating, being poured off into a SS pot, and cooling.

A time lapse video on IG


:pray: thank you amazing pic s
Wish I had some cbg rich crude to try

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That seems highly unlikely. I have done a lot of work with CBG. Including FFE and running the same batch of material more than once through a wiped film at temps as high as 180C @ 100mTORR. CBG conversion to other Cannabinoids is driven by enzymatic functions in the plant. Without a serious pH shift during processing I’m doubtful whether this rearrangement could even happen during “normal” processing. Like I said this is a fear I’ve heard expressed from many labs, but I have seen no evidence of this happening in my lab or other labs I have had run my biomass.


I agree is seems unlikely, but that is what they told us. I am still working on getting the whole story if there is any more to it. We have not had any issues of that kind ourselves…

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