Distillation heads

So what heads are you guys and girls using? I had a open source steel head but it cracked first pass… so now I’m gonna get something else. Don’t want junk but I don’t wanna break the bank… any suggestions?


That was fast. How did you break it??

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Don’t know I think the heat broke it… cheap shit I guess… I didn’t do anything looked up and there it was

I think I did see your head temp yesterday at like 280c or something like that.

You might be right with the heat. That sucks. Hopefully they will do something for you but I just saw how they lost a lawsuit to summit so who knows how this will work out. Sorry homie!

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Sucks but whatever… they totally gave me the over 30 days speech and sent me a link to buy a new one… I think it was China glass stamped…

Thinking AI… it seems American at least…

AI is Chinese too

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Geez… Summit the only one? I didn’t wanna spend a g on head…

There’s a few vendors out there. Lab society seems to have American glass. I’m sure you can call Rocco scientific and get one from them. I think don’t quote me on this. Vacuum dynamics has American options.

Chem glass makes them too. There are a lot of American spd makers. Sorry if I forgot any company and your here.

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I have an old summit head for sale if your interested. In-fact I’d like to get rid of it with all the bells and whistles I still have that fit the 29/42 condenser. Take a look and lmk.


280°C seems extraordinarily high. If accurate then the thermal gradient from bottom of boiling flask to point of measurement must be fairly sharp to say the least. Under what circumstances would a head temperature need to be that high?

I would predict glassware problems frankly with such a reading. I have cracked many flasks early on when carrying very high temperatures like this though of course being an armchair quarterback is easier than practicing the art lol. My hunch is that the stir bar magnets are becoming demagnetized as well - a sure sign that temperature settings need to be reconsidered.


How much do u want for it

$1500 for the head and all the attachments


Yeah if I break that … I might flip the script… maybe down the road when I got a better understanding of what I’m doing I’ll invest in something nice like that… I’m a east coast little guy just learning…


Thank for the offer tho… looks legit af…


What kind of vacuum were you using?

I was using a mastercool but I have a leibold d1 6b now…

Rememer: adequate cold trapping power + wide vapor path > more vacuum power (CFM). Just get a pump that has a very deep ultimate vac 10^4 is :ok_hand:

Well I hope this will get me a little deeper. I have a cold trap… and I was looking to pipe right to it.

Yeah I’m using a mastercool 6CFM and I am having the same issue. Can’t get any THC over until I hit 270° and it’s lowering my yields substantially because I am literally burning the oil while in the boiling flask. Going to need a wider vapor path for the vac and also a vac that isn’t a piece of shit

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