Distillation concerns

Hey future4200 gang,

I wanted to reach out and pick your brains. We have been experiencing some issues with our distillation. Currently, I am running the 6” pope system and its giving us undesirable results.

Pope states that the machine can process 2-2.5 liters of crude per hour. I find that this is not the case when trying to produce good oil. Bear in mind we are using the gravity feed. Realistically, we are processing 1 liter every 2 hrs.

Another problem we are also experiencing is that the temperatures Pope have suggested is causing our oil to be more darker. To get a golden color we run the temps from 120-145 C , however there is more rejection. At higher temps I get better yields.

Here are my parameters/sop.

  • external condenser : -10C
  • internal condenser: 70C
  • band temperatures: 120-140C
  • blade speed: 60-70C

Did you look here?

Also, Pope doesn’t make these for cannabis, so almost anything they quote you about speed/parameters/etc. is likely to be skewed.

How deep is your vacuum ?

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What fluid are you useing? it it open or closed bath?