~dirty mind~ adding Butane to ethanol

Okay . What would happen if you did a Butane extraction straight into Ethanol and then winterized right away with an explosion proof pump and a buchner and then put that liquid on dry ice. … Would that
… Would that cause a reaction?

I think I asked that before but maybe that was in a thread and I don’t think I got a suffient answer.

Not sure I follow

Okay I worded it so wrong…

Changed the wording of the thread to ask question I meant to ask.

Nothing will happen, ive poured ethanol right into buckets of wet crude right outta the machine. The butane is gone practically instantly unless your chilling the ethanol. Its the easiest and fastest way to winterize bulk crude when you dont have to use heat to dissolve it


Why not methanol?


Its actually all i use but to make it easy i wrote of when i have done it with etho. Methanol has been all ive used for the last 7-8 yrs.


Safety issues….?


Bubble your butane directly into methanol


Bubble the butane into methanol? Care to share anymore of that idea?


What safety issues that aren’t already present with butane?

It should clearly be purged, but methanol is much more economic than ethanol in a pure state and more efficient at winterizing?

Ethanol. Yes that’s basically where I was going.

Let’s say for the sake of story time heres a true one.

I stupidly closed column blasted into Ethanol to see what happens and then buchner funneled that mixture with no explosion proof pump with Butane vapors clearly present… I doubted the winterizing I put that jar in my regular kitchen freezer to try to drop fats but I detected a hint of Butane with my nose cause I used cheap Butane at the time… Ronsonal… And I ran to my kitchen took the jar out of my freezer and noticed a dot growing and was like is that a crystal??? And I was like… Nahhh hh.

I put that jar in the vacuum oven and kind just made a choice to hit the switch on my vacuum pump and I saw a lot of vapors…

Safety issues of a curious newb aside. If an experienced person were to recreate this safely I think there’s something there.

Was a ¼ pint jar

There would be no difference if you blasted into ethanol or if you evaporated the butane and dissolved it into ethanol.

If there was still butane present I’m sure the ethanol wouldn’t be able to drop out as many waxes than if you just evaporated the butane and then winterized.


“”“”“a reaction”“”"

Sure, something would definitely happen. I’m not sure it’s as groundbreaking as you envision. Sounds groovy though.




Serious answer: first time I read a post from Elliot, it was 2014, and he was angrily asking a room full of crickets on facebook if any of the wooks in the group had heard of a transfer solvent (EG, running your closed loop with a few lbs of ethanol in the collection, to facilitate faster winterization)

Idea being that the majority of the butane is recovered, and you can quickly and easily move onto winterization, if that was your processflow back then, skipping over a tedious dissolving step.

Not entirely sure what OP is asking, I’m not sure if reaction means like… something groovy, or something more like what I describe above.


Are butane and ethanol miscible?

Sparingly soluble I think…

I’m sure the extract can bridge the solubility and make a solution.


Readily soluble by this article: Butane

It’s a thing. Not as common these days I imagine, because if you’re going to winterize, you might as well extract it with ethanol from the start.