Digitalized US currency. This is like owning your own bank in your cash room! Stored securely

Hello, Future4200

Want to learn about digitalized US currency??

Today we have achieved greatness! We have eliminated cash management burdens and simplified everything!

We can eliminate 80% or more of your costs and labor associated with cash management. Give this time to your customers and give them an authentic customer experience.

Let’s talk about this; here is how.

MIMO was established in 2010 out of Chicago, IL. We saw common challenges around managing cash effectively and accurately. We found a solution and perfected its capabilities to resolve these problems.

We created a tool that quickly became known as Cash-Room-In-A-Box. If I could describe it in one sentence, own your own bank in your back office. You could also look at it as an ATM for cashiers; guts look the same, easy to manage!

How’s it works.


Machine/vault that creates a cash drawer in under 30 seconds! On average, building a cash drawer takes about 15 minutes to count and set up. We’re taking it down to 1 minute!

EOD- The machine counts, sorts, and stores your cash, so it’s protected with a user-tracked receipt. It’s all organized in cash cassettes (like an ATM) securely in the vault. 60 secs vs. 15-20 mins.

On average, a retail store spends 2 to 3 hours a day managing cash in teams with management. We’re eliminating 80% of this.

This is just the basics!

This machine is already in so many stores nationwide. There are different sizes based on customer needs. We’re digitalizing cash payment, and businesses are jumping at it. We succeed in grocery, box stores, casinos, restaurants, cannabis dispensaries, and more.

Please review our demonstration YouTube video to see MIMO in action!

Eventually, these will be in every cash accepting store worldwide! No Joke.

It wasn’t well received the last time you proposed this:

Keep it in your thread?


I can’t understand why this industry isn’t all over these machines?

My entire career has been in financials. I can see the issues when I walk into a dispensary, it’s trained eye. Similar to a fisherman, he fished his whole life and knows the good spots.

As someone said, Future4200 tends to be more for smaller local dispensaries or black market. Small local dispensaries taking in more than $30k a month would benefit greatly from this.

So here you go Future4200 members, if you’re dispensary fits this profile, lets talk. I guarantee you will get results and a ROI (return on investment) typically in less than 2 years.

Nope. There’s big fish in this pond and some of the most cutting edge cannabis science in the world. Saying this place is BM shows you don’t know who hangs out here.

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Is there a forum that anyone knows of that would attract MSO or larger cannabis dispensaries? I do really like the honesty and responses, I have learned a lot.

Thank you all that participated with valuable responses:)

You are absolutely right Ag! I only have what people have shared with me here. I apologize if it appears ignorant, not my intentions, ever.


It’s called a tradeshow

Or try to use linked in although most people are deaf to sales pitches there at this point

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@ToddCashExpert Feel Free to add AgTonik on LinkedIn. I have a HUGE cannabis network.

Like @anon16547145 said, it’s mostly biz dev folks, so your penetration rate is going to be low. Or just go to a trade show. lol.

why start a new thread with the same content??


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