Diamonds turning into chalk post separation

That could get to be a ton powders if ran let’s say 10-20lbs

Yeah this is most likely it over crc

5lb rig i wouldn’t go over 150g w1 or lustermax

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Thats actually the above limit of what we use usually. That would be about 6.6% if loading the full 5lb. We have about a 12lb system dry. 5% would be our max but we usually sit around 1-2.8%. If its fresh we go about 0.2-0.6%. Honestly been using less powders recently than we have been in the past, nearly half as much. Which would definitely be a shock if it is the amount of powders

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What do you think of the lustermax? How does it compare to W1?

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I’ve only tasted extracts made from it was pristine terps

I really think anyone running crc might outta get a .22um welded disk bc there maybe micro particles seen under electronmicroscopes


What does your filter staging look like? Like stoneD said, get yourself a welded .2um disc, and that totally eliminates the possiblity of powders sneaking by your filtration. It will also work to remediate spores.
In summary, it doesn’t matter if you’re using more or less powders. What matters is what might be getting by. The first thing I thought when I read your post was, that it was powders slipping past


Just throwing out an uneducated guess, but could it be oxidation? I vaguely remember reading something about terps and/or other minors acting somewhat as an antioxidant. The first picture looks like pretty clean and pure diamonds. The last jar that has more color mainly seems to be degrading where the diamonds have had a chance to drain and become exposed to atmosphere.

Are you storing under vac or in inert gas, or just atmosphere @Coldknock? What do they look like if you cut or smash one of the degraded diamonds?


How much powders did u use and explain ur filtration

I have a many stage filtration and stages down. Down from 20um papers to 2-4um papers then tampon Tek 1um paper to a 5um welded disk to 1um welded disk. But even i need to get a .22um welded disk

Just bc im black market don’t mean I can’t follow medical grade


Only time I’ve seen this on diamonds is when I didn’t dewax outdoor.

Break open one of those rocks and let’s see the center vs the outer crust. That would tell us a lot

Also powders don’t clarify when heated thc will. That will tell you if you have powders in the mix


I’ve seen this before myself, at the time I assumed a solvent issue combine with a pressure issue in the the hot jar Tek being used. The diamonds puffed into this chalky substance that wouldn’t melt under 140f and then turned into a “glass” like shatter that was 99%thc


You should test the diamonds for residual terpenes and residual solvents


Take your chalk and melt it into pentane and let that shit evaporate


There is water present


To be serious to me, it seems like there is probably excessive solvent. And the first pic seems very wet and full of bubbles. If solvent is present, it could maybe Re-dissolve THCA and then when it evaps deposit it like this on the surface?

It seems that not only is there chalk on the surface, but the entire thing has actually gone yellow through and through. Is that accurate?


Yeah which makes me think its not that

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I have had this happen to shatter with extremely high humidity.


That’s cuz it’s showing all the signs of having a lot of excess H2o

Get the stuff sent in for a residual water test

You’re welcome


I agree with this, it’s a solvent issue. What kind of pressure are you growing these under?

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What temp at they running the rig at, it’s not like you have to get things that cold to lock up the water present, I’m just shooting from the hip, but zero degrees F sounds about right.

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Geez man shouldhave used aytelics :)))

Id get a new supplier for your gas :flushed: