Diamonds education

I am trying to learn all I can online about diamonds and THCa crystallization, but it has been very hard for me to connect all the information I am finding. Besides the onlythesauce tek, does any one have any other recommendations on resources? I am open to outsourcing for education as well. Are there public consultants that do this? We had one come to our facility but he was lackadaisical and did not help very much. Thanks interwebs.

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There is so much on this subject here. Try using the search button.


Check out my posts in this thread: First try at diamonds, advice needed, please - #41 by pangea

If you need further help, education or have specific questions please ask.


google patents about thca extracts and crystallization


Almost everything in cannabis oil tends to be lipophilic. That means it dissolves in lipids. Get rid of (or minimize) lipid structures if you want good crystallization. Aside from that:

How about a free lesson approved by MIT?


yes thank you for that back up, stack those filters

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Thank you all for the help.

I was also wondering if anyone knows of any courses one can take (be it online or in person) specifically focused on special extraction consistencies (i.e. diamonds etc)?

I have a few basic questions. We have our diamonds in 7 pressure vessels, under N2 pressure around 100-150. Some of the caps have been leaky. Will this effect overall yield?

From my understanding, it is bad to agitate the vessels (shake, move around, etc) once vessels have been seeded. Is this correct?

We are using crude BHO oil for reference.

Our vessels are sealed with a clamp in a large bin (no light in) at room temperature. Are these ideal conditions?

You’re starting point is not ideal, I have little to no experience crystallizing from a crude starting point. The purer your starting point the easier you’ll have.

How long have they been in the vessels and at what temp?

How old/quality was the extraction source material? THC:THCA ratio is important, if you have to much THC it will hinder crystallization(hard to get larger sizes vs precipitate/super sugar)

Agitation will increase nucleation, so if you want more small sugar/precip then whipping or agitation can be helpful in crystallizing. Alternatively if you want larger singles, agitation and movement are not recommended. This depends on your saturation level.
Using seeds is not necessary, there primary utility is more geared for when you want to grow that seed crystal larger, its function to initiate nucleation is not necessary, spontaneous nucleation happens readily and very fast at the proper supersaturation levels.

What is the consistency of your crude? Is there added or excess tane from extraction remaining to lower the viscosity?

Your vessels pressure level is negligible other than to prevent off gassing of your solvent component. The utility of the vessel for crystallization is to control the solvent/saturation levels, which a pressure vessel is needed if using below room temp boiling point solvents. Using a pressure vessel to control evaporation rates is difficult, and I’d recommend trying to use them in conjunction with temperature manipulation to control saturation levels versus evaporation/boiling.

The issue I see with crude is that you have a large amount of lipids and waxes that also react similarly as far as precipitating components of the extract. If they hinder or co-precipitate w/ the THCA is the concern and I as I mentioned I dont have experience using crude to help much further than theorizing.


-Our starting oil was crude, so I understand if you only can help so much.
-We’ve been mining for about three weeks at room temp (or under because they are in a closed bin), with one crash for 3 days in dry ice.
-The quality is probably close to 50-70% THC in our typical crude.
-We want bigger diamonds, so we will stop agitating the vessels that have already formed, and leave untouched at room temp. Additionally, we were taught that agitation early in the process may expedite the diamonds process. Is this false info?
-The consistency of oil is as expected; We left a little excess tane than we would for a normal shatter slab pour in pressure vessels.

Day 3 in the miner… I think that’s something? Going to add more solution with product tonight after few more runs was thinking would be ok to just add in this batch since it’s fresh?

Do you mean 50-70% THCA? or is your crude decarbed?

Some of you vessels have formed crystals but others not? If so what is the difference’s between the vessels?

Whats the crystallization rate/consistency looking like? Just a few spread out on the bottom, bunch of decent sized stacking on the bottom, sandy stacking on the bottom, floaters forming throughout the solution, or something else?

Yes, stop agitation if youve got any kinda of visible crystallization and want larger singles vs sugar/small more numerous precipitate. I would hesitate on any agitation in the beginning if your end goal is larger singles. Agitation, seeding, surface incongruities, impurities, are all methods to induce nucleation but are not necessary at all, finding the saturation rate that starts spontaneous nucleation but is close enough to the metastable zone that you dont end up with it all crashing it out quickly and giving you a sandy small precipitate.

Is the consistency thinner like water or thicker like molasses? As expected is a large range in my world, and is a key parameter. To thick or to thin is almost the same as under or supersaturated, finding the sweet spot for each solutions consistency(more apt;saturation level) is the name of the crystallization game.


Is that a single crystal your pointing at? Or nothing yet? Looking at it from the bottom might make it more apparent?

Is what your adding to the jar the same or close to whats already in there?

I take it there isnt much residual solvent in there considering yer lids open, do those bubbles on top pop or are they kinda solidified? What temp range has it been sitting in roughly? Thin viscosity?

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Are you planning on recrystallizing the crystals you get from this crude diamond run? If so, what solvent were you planning on using?

It looks like sand kinda on the bottom
That’s stuck. I was gonna run a few columns n let this boil down n add more. It’s been sitting near room temp and the bubbles pop. It’s still a lot of tain left in it. It’s still watery consistency.

I’ve had it at 125sh psi now just doin it’s thing.

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Looks like u need to slowly let a lot of that evaporate then once at a more super saturated rate hold there for so long


Thanks man and ya that was plan gonna pull this and add to it before continue was the plan this jar was only a 2.5 lb column this is a 5 so figure add to it

Are you cleaning that solvent before using it? It’s important