Dialing down temps closed loop

I’m currently running a1lb closed loop system With a dewax column And am struggling to get temperatures lower on my collection chamber. I place dry ice in the dewax column as well as around my shatter platter. But my process is taking far too long (2+hours). Anything that I should change up, should I use regular ice on the column and dry ice on the bottom. Or something that is easily accessible to add to the dry ice to make that a little colder to have a lower temp for the butane to continue to chase the colder temperature?

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You are talking about your recovery vessel when you say collection chamber? Most people in the industry use collection chamber as a term for where the oil is collected after the gas has been recovered into the recovery vessel. If you’ve got a valve between the material column and the collection chamber, close it when you start recovering so the butane isn’t trying to go in two directions at once.

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There are a few options , isopropyl comes to mind,
more detailed description of your process and temps will be beneficial in a resolve
N2 asist also comes to mind

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When you say two hours, is it total time, extraction, recovery?

We definitely need a lot more details before anybody can make any kind of suggestions.


Seems like a couple or four 1k word substitutes would help folks figure this out.



Yes recovery vessel = collection chamber. Sorry for term mixup. And I don’t chill my butane before hand. I will start doing that. I do have a Ball valve but I’m referring more to the extraction process not recovery so that would prevent the butane from traveling completely through the system.

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2 hours for extraction

I will do another run and not those temps down for your input. Thank you

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Put your whole collection chamber on dry ice not just platter.


i fill mine right to top clamp under my collection lid.

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2 hours? From when you open your solvent valve till you crack open your collection? For a one pound system. Your doing fine. Shit you could make four or five runs a day like that.


No thats too long. Should take an hour to an hour and 20 for the entire run


very similar to my collection, i slurry it and then over the hemi lid with pellet, ive noticed marked improvement with the extra pellet iver the lid

i agree, 2 hrs is decent, you can probably get stonger flow with the right temps

soak or no soak? separate column dewax? op did not state, if its a wash through , around an hour would be good imo

I think 2 hours to get solvent from solvent tank into collection is what’s happening with him.


I don’t even chill my collection anymore. I chill the incoming gas to -80c and push with n2 at 20-30psi. The collection starts to chill itself with the -80 gas asap. And I do 3-4lbs runs in about 3hrs


That’s the ticket for us smaller guys. Chilling the solvent tank to -80. Push with nitro into a warm collection, recover straight back into the chilled solvent tank.

It’s very efficient and I can run a higher throughput. Your not taking a vessel and warming it, then cooling it, then warming it etc. Your vessel is already in the range of desired temp the moment you need it…no waiting to make a 150 degree temperature swing.

But I’m a redneck with questionable morals…so don’t necessarily isten to me


I just started using a injection coils for injection and recovery. What a difference that made


No joke, my coil is my bff now haha. One of the best tips I picked up here was adding a coil into my setup.