Dewax too cold?

hey guys!

is it possible, that you dewax too cold and you filter out more than you want? i dont have dewax column… only tried it with dry ice. i put my mason jar with the butane and oil mix in a box with dry ice 24 hours.

how much butane should be left in the jar for that?

i was just wondering because thc a can stick to fat… so i asked myself if i can filter it out accidentally. :slight_smile:

thank you guys :pray:

Yes, it’s definitely possible, there’s some previous threads here discussing it

yeah i was reading here:

but i dont get it :slight_smile: when in pulled the jar out the box with dry ice there was a lot of stuff at bottom (white/ yellow) . and some on the side walls. and a lot was filtered in the coffee filter. i filtered in the box with dry ice.

so can dry ice make the solution too cold that thca crashes out and geta trapped at the bottom of jar or in coffee filter?

thanks for answering ( or a link where i can read :wink: )

greets from germany