Can one dewax too long or too cold?

Hello! First off thank you for this amazing website and insightful/helpful community! Been reading and learning and finally made an account. Can’t wait to use the #onlythestrongtek! My first question will be as follows.

Can one dewax (single solvent) for too long or too cold?

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Yeah, too cold…

Do you have liqN2?

Dry ice or liqCO2 forever is just fine


I think that’s a big NO :joy::joy::joy:and I don’t believe you’ll be getting colder than any of those 3. I mean you could, but no need

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Wow thank you for such fast responses!
I’m using dry ice and a little bit of 99% isopropyl. Styrofoam cooler inside an igloo chest. Trying to add pictures now of snapshot I took at points during process.

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Damn that came out horrible. Allow me to attempt to clarify what’s what.
Last pic is mother solution and jar.
2nd to last is final jar pulled out from cryo.
First two pics are fats and insolubles.
Middle pic is what I’m left with after burping and offgassing to 1/3.


as far as “too cold” goes, you might want to check out Search results for 'dewax too cold' - Future4200

and BHO clean up tech - #25 by cyclopath

as @Pharmer_Joe points out, the solubility of our target molecules do change with temp, so “too cold” will also depend on “how concentrated?”


@cyclopath read both thru and can’t seem to find what I’m looking for… am I just not seeing it?

So I took 24g of “shatter” added about 600ml of butane mix all while attempting to keep cryo. Had to perform single solvent dewax once majority had dissolved. (This took forever) finally had what looked like everything dissolved other than minute clumps that reformed into big fractal (fear this was all my thca) poured in Buchner and filtered. Poured that into first mason jar allowed to evap then poured remaining mother solution into final (smaller) mason jar. Froze for 2-3 days and began evap process from 2/3 to 1/3. Now it’s been a few days at 1/3 solution and nothing is happening. Worried there wasn’t enough pressure I added slight heat to pressurize. After, I put in freezer and still nothing. I’m lost and about to attempt with another batch. What y’all think?

Yeah, I see the problem now.

My assumption was that you were doing your single solvent Dewaxing during production (in line) rather than after the fact.

If the volume of solvent you used was too low, then it could absolutely have been (much of) your THCA that you “filtered” out. You added to that by pulling a vacuum (purging) on the filtration.

I also missed where you mentioned diamonds & sauce as your target the first time… I see it in all caps now.

If those are bubbles in the last pick, you may still have more solvent than you need. Unable to guesstimate viscosity from a non-moving picture :slight_smile:


Much love bro! Thank you for the response again. My bad I may have been to vague or spread out crucial facts throughout multiple posts. Still getting the hang of it on a phone.

Okay that makes total sense. I may have not used enough to begin with. Originally I started with 400ml filled into mason jar and dropped in little chunks of cryo frozen shatter. Then added additional 200ml at a later point.

At first I was worried that the solvent and soluble were too close in temp thus not resulting in initial outcome I expected which was to visibly see the dabs dissolving into butane mix.

Since that picture I did add heat to add more pressure and now there are no visible bubbles. Just a viscous liquid moving freely and easily.

Does all this mean that what I have is all terpene fraction? If so I don’t understand how since my starting material was already processed into shatter.

Yeah you shouldn’t have filtered out the chunks that looked like crystals
… Sounds like your mixing 2 different process, winterizeing, and growing Diamonds…

Next time just extract at cryo temps , for everything! Material solvent and column… Don’t soak, -55f at least to extract without taking many undesirables…
This will take your filter step completely out…

Now once you blasted, wait till 1/3 solution evap… Start cryo to force thcA to bottom (has nothing to do with filtering wax, this just to gather thcA on bottom) leave lid on no band entire time

After cryo take out, let another 1/3 evap… Seal, wait couple hrs then 85f

Maybe it’s just me but I think you merged crashing out the wax on a ethol(or other selected solvent for job, winterization, with crashing out thca in butane growing crystals…)

This making sense now?

No the terpene will be water thin while in the jar,bc all the Tane left in the mix, they get a lil thicker once purged but not much

Growing Diamonds takes weeks,
Usually after first day of being sealed all the visual Tane is gone, leaving you with thick honey with the thca on bottom from cryo crash (which is superficial crash) you have to physically grow the crystal now

Also since your starting material was purged to shatter, you already lost most your terpenes, see when we process to shatter you lose valuable terps, bc the shatter process a lil harsh, they literally purge off… Think about it, terps be runny and thin… Was your SHATTER runny? No…Theyll some but not much… You’ll end up with more stones than terps bc you didn’t use unprocessed bho… Your really using wrong material for a diamond sauce, but for diamonds w light terps you’ll be able to do fine

No winterizing, trying to single solvent dewax a slab of shatter filled with fats, which then would be converted into thca via diamond tech. Process totally makes sense just don’t get what I’m missing haha

Right so what I am thinking is upon attempting proper dewax things got too cold and thca sat at bottom with fats when I went to separate and filter. Now I’ve been sitting on a jar of stuff that looks completely clear. Hasn’t changed for days regardless of temp or pressure. Strain was forbidden fruit, very terpy stuff.

And I get what you mean… shatter is already made and not so terpy. So I don’t get how that’s all I could be left with in jar now. Will add another picture of what it looks like now. Thank you @StoneD for the help! And everyone else!

Also I should mention I am going after high cannabinoid fraction compared to terp fraction like you mentioned. When starting material has already been processed. When starting anew (fresh material) I will chase the terp fraction more so.

What u mean, there a good chance you have nothing but jar full thca ! Yes your right… That’s what we saying, there are terps in shatter just not much and just bc you have the main of thcA that dropped out by no means does that mean you have all the thca that was in the mix, the other jar is still THC rich, my terp fraction that gets water thin bc Tane , dropps tons more crystals every time when I pour and recap the terp fraction

And I don’t think you have terp fraction yet, that only comes after jarring the thick stuff for several weeks… The clear jar if pressure and sealed before Tane gone you’d have to have stones

Also I think your missing the concept, regardless what your going for it’s gonna split with what’s in it, the clear would crystalizes with no liquid left bc when done butane evaped, and the jar that was what was left will crystalize w a small terp fraction… Your clear jar high… Your other jar what was left, high still, after couple weeks sealed you’d see what I mean

So I took some time, read up a bit more. (This sites got it all!) looked into the article titled “seeding” found someone going through what sounded the same situation as myself found some reassurance in there and just left the jar! Added heat occasionally and bam! Formation began! Thanks fam. I know I am nowhere near considered this craft even fully gotten down yet but now I have my foundation to build on top of. Awesome! Attaching photo hope it works and get y’all insight on it!

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Your getting it now, more time, more time, more time , leave it sealed, if you ever got positive pressure in the jar from jarring actual solvent w the honey is where you really start getting speed with size IMO

Regardless, thca will Crystallize into sugar sized pieces even when you jar the thick honey w no butane present, just terpenes as the solvent… Good luck buddy!

And they don’t just appear over night, they grow!

Is 20f cold enough for an inline dewaxing column? What do you guys recommend.