Deodorizing Solvents

Hey gang, I’m currently working on a project that will require having clean gas on hand in a country that we’re discovering is quite annoying and costly to import in 100# tanks all the time.
I tried using the search tab to see if some of y’all had started crossing the bridge of deodorizing and purifying your own gasses seeing as there were law changes recently in California, but couldn’t find anything of the sort.
I’m looking for SOPs for refining standard butane to deodorize and to be of a high enough purity for our purposes, I appreciate it greatly in advance.

Copper scrubbers. Gotta keep looking, there’s some posts about this.

Try the search function some more.

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This maybe?

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I think it’s another thread, I tried looking a bit, but didn’t have too much luck. I know you essentially distill your butane through some scrubbies though.

Best I found with a quick search

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I’ve never seen anyone deliberately start with odorized solvent…but I have seen this trick performed after a careless operator grabbed a tank of odorized propane and added it to running system.

if you don’t find what you’re looking for using the above, try Search results for '@Photon_noir mercaptan' - Future4200


I beg to differ, Doc; I believe you have seen exactly that sort of deliberate ignorance before! I know I have. :unamused:

The aforementioned did it TWICE!



I was using “deliberate” to mean setting out with the express mission of removing the odorant before extracting.

Which wasn’t quite the way that went down…

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Thank you, this why I created the thread, I have practiced distilling practices when working with already clean gas, but I thought maybe with the changes in California someone might of started cleaning their own. I know I had seen something before but when I entered in the search bar it didn’t bring up really anything useful.
I just was asked to investigate what cleaning up our own gasses would look like on site seeing as propane is readily available in the country and importation of these solvents is a real PITA

It can certainly be done, @HarryHenderson, it is just at least as energy intensive as doing a run with the entire vessel of solvent. Naturally, you should NEVER put your solvent back into ANY rental cylinder, but especially not one that carried odorized gas!