Denver Terpenes Free Samples

Hey guys. Josh with Denver Terpenes here. Just wanted to thank all of you for creating such an amazing community.

1st off I wanted to let everyone know we are giving out free samples to anyone at no charge at our website.

Also I just want to share a little bit about who we are as a company.

I am the owner and we started in November of 2014. I met my friend in college about 12 years ago and his father owns a very large essential oil company that was started in the early 1900s.

That November, we had a drink at a bar after a few years of not seeing each other, we wound up talking about terpenes. That was the first time I had heard the term. He told me how his family makes them but didn’t want to directly get into the industry.

I knew a bit about web design and am very passionate about concentrates and flower. I even moved to Colorado the day after they legalized it.

So I offered to build a website and see if I could get some interest.

Six months later I received my first call for someone who found my website and needed terps. I immediately called my friend and we got on a three way call with his dad. For the next six months I simply listened to a master essential oil extractor talk with master thc/cbd extractor allowing me to gain an incredible array of knowledge.

Finally I started taking calls myself, and if I didn’t know the answer to the question I refused to bullshit them, I would write the question down, call my friends dad and get back to them. Over the last 5 years I have been the one to answer the Denver Terpenes phone line and have had thousands, if not tens of thousands of conversations about this product.

Finally after a year of conversations and helping hundreds of people out, I finally started my brand in November 2015, with just 7 isolated terpenes and 5 pg flavorings. For two more years I took every call, filled every bottle, packed and shipped every box myself. You see I started with just a $1000 and didn’t come from any sort of money. This is why people don’t see us at trade shows, or spending a ton on marketing. This was a purely organic grassroots campaign with a goal to provide the best quality of terpenes and even better customer service. Thanks to every single person who has passed us a referral, without you we wouldn’t be here.

You see, with the advice of a 100 year old industry leader as my mentor, he taught me how to watch the market, recognize trends, and to play it safe. This is why we were able to avoid the whole vitamin e acetate situation and the the TT mineral oil thing. We had the opportunity to duplicate those products, we just chose not to. We just wanted to sell the best products with the most research behind them.

I also noticed all these companies coming out with 50-200 different blends. Most of them smelled very similar, and to be honest they were just a few isolated terpenes and all of them smelled like grass, oranges, or chemically.

This is why we only have 30 blends of our main product line. They are all completely unique and have incredible taste. We only release 10-15 new ones per year because we send back 95% of the blends that our award winning flavor chemist gives us because it’s just to similar to another strain, or didn’t have a pleasant taste or aroma.

Now we hear we are 5 years later and we have a thriving flagship storefront in Denver, another great store in Humboldt County in Eureka, an incredible team of employees, wonderful customers in all 50 states, and what we believe to be the are best terpenes on the market.

We believe in doing good things and good things will come back in our direction. This is why we want to give away these samples, also what better way to sell a flavor/aroma than allow the customer to actually smell and taste it. We know are terps are great, which is why they cost a little bit more, but don’t forget that ours are very concentrated so you need 2-3 x less than most of the other companies in my industry.

So we will allow you to get our terpe for free, and you can pay for some cheaper terps from someone else and see why we have such a good reputation online.

Thanks again

Josh Ulrich

CEO & Founder

Denver Terpenes


Ordered, always down for new experiences

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Got mine placed🤘🏼 Thank y’all josh!

Let us know what you think about them.



Do you have any terpene samples to test out before hand?

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Its on the website check it out!

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Im in Denver, can I swing by and pick up a sample?

Talking about a great time to pounce. Good job Denver Terpenes!

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Halo great intro

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Come on by the shop to grab them.

Thanks a lot, we have humble beginnings and have worked very hard to get to this point. We appreciate every single person we come across, doesn’t matter if you buy from us or someone else. There is enough business out there to for all of us.


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thank you so much. i have wanted to try some terpenes.
went to your website was super easy to get samples.
order no. 5784 thanks again Lrus007

Got mine they are smell fire white widow is gassy then they gave me a strawberry n watermelon don’t sleep if h wanna try some good terps

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Thanks for the samples! Looking to get something put together with them over the weekend and we will let everyone know the deets.

USA only :slightly_frowning_face: Any friendly American’s out there want to send me a bottle?? lol

Got my samples yesterday. I’m a huge fanboy of @DenverTerpenes but took the opportunity to try a new flavor.

Took 2 grams of disty mixed with 3 drops of Maui Wowie and tested with Dr Dabber.

I promise you the entourage effect is completely different than someone like floraplex or true. I don’t know if it’s the blend or how they derive the terps, but it’s so much better. I don’t work for these guys either.

I’ve decided that we will be moving all of our eggs into DT’s terpene basket.

I was really hoping to get a full spectrum sample to better understand how those work, but might just take the leap.

It’s 40$ to send the package vs 3$ in America. I can send you the sample if you cover the other 35$ extra.

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@densone I would be willing to send some of our full specs your way. Just help cover the cost increase. Like 3 1 mls for 30$ including shipping. Call me tomorrow at 3036257531 and we can talk about it.

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