Denatured 95% Ethanol with 5% Heptane ok for extraction?


710 Spirits® 95% Ethanol 5% n-Heptane, High Purity Extraction Grade - 55 Gallons

710 Spirits® High Purity Extraction Grade. Completely Denatured Alcohol
Ethanol denatured with n-HeptaneDOT: UN1987, Alcohols, n.o.s. (denatured ethanol) 3, II

On a budget and need to do some extraction for the short path, end result would be distillate. Is this ok to use? We were using food grade ethanol with iso before but thinking of moving to this.


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710 Spirits


I can supply you with Organic, non-gmo, heptane free 200 proof Ethanol for $1900 per 55 gallon barrel.


Do you need a tax ID is that with taxes paid


I think with Total pharmacy supply you can get a 55-gallon drum of 710 spirits delivered for like 750


Was the benzene used to get it to 200 proof organically sourced? I know the term “organic” is loose and all, but, we’re talking about solvents.


In the hemp space I see a 13% reduction in overall yield from using denatured material if I remember correctly in terms of volume of extract after the solvent is removed.


Do you know if you guys were adding distilled water to the denatured stuff to get it to 190?


No it was denatured with heptane

I suggest also considering using denatured with isopropyl. I think this should drop the price per gallon and not have much of a reduction on the yields.

I have not done this but I think it is a superb idea, please someone challenge that idea if I am missing something, it seems too simple of a fix.

Why does everyone seem to denature with heptane and no iso?


WoW that seems like a lot knowing that heptane is also a strong solvent
Why would this be ?
Whats your vieuw on the why


In europe denatured ethanol is
Either denatured with bitrex mek or methanol and sometimes iso propyl
I prefure methanol for its the solvent cannabinoids like most
Of the Comon solvents we use
But since iT s so polar iT picks up chlorofyl more readily as Well
Even at -78C


I like iso more than methanol because methanol smells like manure lol and iso smells bad but its more of a flagrant chemical smell that does not bother me as much


Ya I saw that it was denatured with heptane but I’ve been adding 4% h2o to the denatured ethanol when I get it open to better simulate 190 proof. I haven’t noticed any difference so far between it and the straight 190 ethanol besides adding 2 degrees to my heating bath to distill it off in the roto. Then again I’m a noob


Seems like a tripel azeotrope so once heptane is depleted your temp must change


Chemist to be get ready for sulfer smells :rofl:


Why do you want to simulate 190 proof?

The reason I purchase denatured is simply because it is cheaper due to the no tax on the solvent because it would not make a very good spirit. So i still want my ethanol as close to 200 proof as possible.

My question is… why add water


I assumed it improved the hydrophilic properties as well as helping fats and lipids crash out when I winterize with it


Best Value Vac is good supplier too.


It will make the ethanol solution more hydrophillic, however this will not help your extraction process. If experimentally you find it helps with your winterization process I would add the water after you extract. Only, only, if you have experiemental evidence of it aiding in the process. I would not be able to predict the outcome of this dilution and how it would affect winterization but I do not think it will help during extraction at all, if anything it will pull more unwanted water-soluable compounds. This is just my two cents and I have not experimented with this just thinking.


Aren’t you in the upper northeast? You’re better off just letting the alcohol pick up water from the humidity in the air. It happens inevitably regardless, so if you’re adding it intentionally, it’s picking up even more water afterwards.

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