Delta Cup 15 Centrifuge for Sale

Item: Delta Cup 15

Location: North Carolina

Price: $45k

Everything works great we are only looking to upgrade.

If you have any questions please send an email.


Will Doria
Director of Sales

Reduced!! $30,000

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I’d love to help you upgrade!

We make (right here in America) fully automated ethanol extraction equipment and I’d love to send you some info.

Thanks for reaching out but we have it covered.

$25k takes it!!


Lets figure out how to get it shipped then :slight_smile: send me a PM

Now 20k!!!

BUMP 20k!!! We will verify with you that it is working 100%!!!

We will throw in the chiller for free!!!

DLSB-10/40 10L (-40c)

Please contact me via phone (919) 381-2489

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do you still have this? Do you know if it is v1 or v2? They changed the bearing

Sorry I was going to update. The delta has been sold.