Delta 9 THC Isolate?

I’m looking for a way to isolate delta 9 THC in a crystal/powder form. I’ve been digging through the site and can’t seem to find anything on this subject which leads me to believe it’s not possible. I just want to make this post to see if that is the case or if people know of a way of making delta 9 THC isolate. Any information helps even if it’s saying that it’s not possible

Much appreciated!

THC Delta 9 will not crystallize


Probably easier to recarboxylate and isolate thc-a

D9 is technically possible to create isolate with. But I haven’t seen it around here. It’s very much not prone to crystalization, so likely infeasible to do on much of scale or without a great amount of annoyance.

But also… Why?


You can freeze distillate and grind it into a powder, but if you want 99+% purity (aka isolate) it’s not happening

You can have THCA as a powder. Read up on “diamonds”.

What is your starting point, and what is your goal?


Yeah our starting point really is what ever we need it to be. What we do currently is CO2 to distillate. We are getting a BHO set up in the near future and was originally think that we could use diamonds for our end product but after coming to my sense I realized that it will be THC-A and we will need Delta-9.

It’s a drink product, we were thinking it would be cool mix “delta-9 THC isolate” in instead of adding distillate to a powder and then mixing that in. When you bring the distillate to room temp after freezing it and grinding it does it melt back into an “oil”?

we’re looking to make a drink product. We were thinking it would be cool mix “delta-9 THC isolate” in instead of adding distillate to a powder and then mixing that in.

Yes, it will return to its liquid consistency when warmed unless somehow altered by mixing with other items. And it will also retain it’s hydrophobic/lipophilic qualities as well unless altered.

You don’t make water soluble cannabinoids by adding distillate to “a powder”. You need to make an emulsion & then later you can (purhaps) convert that emulsion to a powder.


~80mg/ml THC “water soluble”. Can be made into a powder by desiccation (vac oven). 1/2 teaspoon (~200mg) into a commercial soda (plain soda in the middle).

Recipe is not mine to give away, but there is plenty of discussion here on how this is achieved.

Powdered THC isolate is NOT where you need to be looking.


Same trick, after desiccation. Although this one used CBD isolate rather than THC crude as the cannabinoid source, and I still need to powderize it and figure out the potency.

ThC potency was fine tuned based on bioassay. Which doesn’t work so well for CBD :shushing_face:

Edit: and then the CBD from above powderized, via oster blender tek


You need a product that will emulsify the oil into your beverage… Water-Soluble Cannabinoids & Terpenes | SōRSE Technology

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Couldn’t you just take Thca and decarb it to make 99%+ D9?



And then?

I don’t need it. I know a few methods for making water soluble emulsions. It’s @weave who needs some help.

My bad brotha, it was meant for @weave


If you dcarbed diamonds it would turn the diamonds into an oil correct?

Sure. Although “oil” isn’t a particularly descriptive moniker.

To me “oil” implies a lower rm temp viscosity than (say) honey, which would not be the expectation for decarbed THCA isolate.

There is also published data suggesting that decarbing 99+% THCA will result in less than 99% THC due to thermal degradation.

The emulsion shown above was made by liquifying crude (~65% cannabinoids) with the addition of an ~equal amount of MCT before combining with the other ingredients. It might be possible to simply use heat to reduce viscosity. That does work when making a maltodexrin based powder.


Take thca isolate and decarb it; bingo; more or less a d9 isolate; depending on how aggressive your decarb was you might see a slight amount of cbn; you’ll also lose weight by doing this.

Your other options are;
recarb; d9->thca; which is tricky to do and not necessarily easily scaled.
Esterification; but I wouldnt consume it personally.
I’ve heard of people spray drying raw disty without additives to yield a “powder” still will melt tho;
Ln2 and a chilled grinder might yield similar results.

You could always fractionate out d9 from a chroma column; but chances are good you’ll have a few minors coelute from the column.

All in all I’d say the best way would be decarb thca isolate.


not unreasonable, except for the part where OP (once questioned) explained why they were looking to perform this trick…

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Missed that;

No way an isolate is going to be stable in a drink; you’ll need to make it watersoluble; and being water soluble itll never be an isolate; maybe 20-30% d9 tops


What if you took the isolate, decarb and mix it into a no flavored terpene, along with soy lecithin? Using an ultra sonic mixer to make an edible mix. Probably wouldn’t work for drinks though.

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You want thca