Delta-8 THC causing increase in poison center calls


Ban it already :joy::joy::joy:


Several calls over six months. So are we talking hundreds of calls or like , 5 calls? Also I I’m liking their lacking not any sources for the claim whatsoever, not even a quote from the company about it.

What were the adverse effects people were experiencing? Did any of them need to be hospitalized? Obviously not or else it would be on the news in its own article. These are probably mostly calls from dumbasses who decided to eat an entire bag of gummies and then have a tummy booboo. Fuck me in the ass this bullshit gets tiring.

Ugh, this is why even though I’m a firm practicer of skepticism I find it difficult to take criticism of delta 8 seriously in any capacity. This article is a joke.


Safe or not safe, delta 8 is still hemp boi shit and is bound to be lame for eternity


Poison control is still taking calls for Tide Pods. Let’s compare d8 calls to hand sanitizer calls this same time last year. This article sounds written by a terrible intern for some freshman politician.


It happens with d9 edibles all the time too, people just need to keep their drugs away from kids


Cannot wait until psychedelics are 100% legal so we can be “informed” about how poisonous they are when some shithead eats an oz.
The scare tactics remind me of the PMRC in the 1980s that worried about Frank Zappa talking about dicks and pussies in songs…shake my damn head.


Do child resistant bags work in your opinion? I just ordered a bunch

Ages 5 and under they probably do but even then if they get their hands on a pair scissors… I mean if you left me alone in the house at age 7 with a bag of candy I’m getting into that shit one way or another.

I think a better solution is to stop selling this shit as fucking candy packaged as bright colorful kids products. But then again the only people doing that are the shit heads selling bad conversions on the black market. Everything I buy personally is usually just a plain black package clearly labeled 21+ and as drugs, no candy or bright colorful packaging. It’s just sad.


It’s just for a false sense of security imo, kids can open most of that stuff once they have somewhat developed motor skills

The best solution is to keep it physically locked up away from the rest of the food


There are people already eating oz’s of shrooms.

You just don’t hear about it and if you do its demonizing it.

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The theatre of security is what we experience in this world.

Actual security is too costly


Your tune would be different if D8 is where you made your money.

There are legitimate downsides to D9 but you don’t see us hemp bois constantly trying to demonize it, demonize BM, or stop rec / med to protect our profits.

This kind of talk needs to stop. We should all be unified— hemp / med / rec / whatever. You might remember cannabis prohibition only started getting unraveled a few years ago.

I fail to see how the D9 boiz demonizing D8 is much different from the stories of leaders of various industries demonizing cannabis as a whole to protect their profits back in the day, ultimately leading to prohibition in the first place.



Typical hemp boi response.

I make money with d8 so you should like it



Does anyone remember fighting for marijuana legalization for decades? It makes me laugh, and also a bit sad, to see this cause now reduced to being called the “D9” industry as if it’s something new and not the same marijuana we were all smoking our whole lives. Few could say the same thing about D8.


You might fit in better on Reddit now. Quality of conversation has been trending up and to the right here for some time now.

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That’s my clap back…

Have a good day hemp boi. Enjoy your botanical terp d8 carts


Hand a good D8 cart to 1,000 average cannabis consumers. Average— not the folks on this forum. 98% won’t tell you it’s not D9.

D8 has made potent cannabis products widely available to America and that’s a wonderful thing.


Times change :heart:

I will. Thanks?

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How do you feel about K-2 and Spice?