Degumming, is it necessary?

Just need some knowledge before I take this new contract on…

So, I’m partnering with a local lab whose extraction method is ethanol bucket tek.

He gets it around -10F in a walk in freezer and extracts it inside of the freezer,
afterwards, he PIG filters and rotos and decarb, and then hands it to me to distill…

I was under the impression that pure ethanol extractions would need to be degummed
for plant sugars and all to be out… Maybe I’m wrong on it. But I do my winterizing at -60C or below, so I know he isn’t going low enough.

Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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I’m running a KDL-5 chemtech Wiped film.

-10 is not enough to be worth the effort of cold extraction

This is MJ or hemp?

For hemp- absolutely nessescary to degum in my experience, for MJ it depends


Thc marijuana

At that temperature you are likely to pick up a good amount of fats. I would winterize if it were me.

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Thata what I told them. Go colder, but they are stuck on the degumming issue. Is it needed?

I’ve always thoroughly winterized my crude. Distillate I’ve encountered from unwinterized material has funky smells and colors. I have to assume potency would be effected as well. That having been said, I’ve never run unwinterized myself and never had a COA for one.

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So on pure ethanol runs for extraction, if its from a THC dominant plant and extraction was -60C, I don’t have to degum after decarb? go straight to wiped film?

If hes only hitting -10c DO NOT RUN THAT MATERIAL WITHOUT REMOVING THE SUGARS!!! -10 is not cold enough to not pick up sugars, as they heat up theyll clump and seize your wiper.


Degumming and winterizing are two different things.

Winterization removes plant waxes and lipids

Degumming removes the outter layer of gums that coats the outside of the trichome (I know I misspelled this)

If you extract at -60 you shouldn’t need to winterize

You’ll still have gums in there though unless you degum

And that requires winterization after

If you’re not getting a cloudy disty then I wouldnt worry about degumming.

I always degum but that’s because I have to winterize, if I didnt need to winterize I wouldnt degum


What’s the best method for degumming? Never had an issue getting clear disty w only winterizing and rotoing

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We do hemp and do t de gum. Extracted at -25F winterized at -70F and carbon scrubbed them decarbed then WFE. No issues

Bring me a blunt to midtown and I’ll go over my entire tek


So he is an expert :thinking:

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How long is the soak at -25f, also you meant F not Celsius right?

Yes -25F.

20 minute soak give or take

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I don’t degum but I’ve had an interesting clear colored jelly like substance come out from winterizing 1st pass distillate in ethanol . I have always assumed these were gums but I really don’t know

Edit: I also carbon washed before distillation on this stuff so perhaps the ph was affected this occurrence

Lecithin - id assume.

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As far as i know degumming doesnt have an effect on the sugars. But to answer the original question in depth, degumming is definitely reccomended if you’re planning on heading to distillate. Whats happening when you degum is you’re selectively reacting the phospholipids that make up the epicuticular layer on the leaves. A normal winterization prcodeure wont drop the unreacted phospholipids along with the rest of the waxes.

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Maybe formed a chelate

You have pic ? Piqued my interest

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