Decarboxylation Efficiency

Hi all,

I’m wondering if any of you with in-house analytics have done studies to optimize decarboxylation efficiencies. What are you typically seeing for these values?

Theoretically at 100% efficiency, 1 kg of dry, non-decarb’d extract that is 100% THCA by mass would yield you 880g of 100% THC after accounting for mass lost during decarb.

Anybody have an efficiency value that they’re getting that they would not mind sharing? Ours are 70-75% which seems low and I’d love to compare.

Thank you all.

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Hmmm ok what methohod of decarcoxilating are you using
Crude is never 100 % thca
And a lot of volitales and left ssolvent make up for the 1 kg of crude wich if well winterized is less than one liter
Second who calculates your numbers by wich machine and wich comparisons


Hot plate heating. My example was only theoretical of course. I know there are volatiles/solvent leftover.
We use HPLC for analytical testing. I am saying we have a potency after rotovap/before decarb, and also have potency post-decarb. By mole ratio, what is the max efficiency? Considering there are side reactions when heating to 140C.