Decarb issue while using budder for cartridges

I am currently looking to make cartridges with badder. I had originally done a test batch of 50 cartridges that worked flawlessly by just doing a straight decarb both with a conventional oven and hot plate. Took it off when the bubbles minimized and it stayed within the same consistency and color of distillate with no further issues. Now, during another trial run using the same methods and badder as before, some issues are prevailing that I have not seen. The main issue being that during the decarb, it will turn into the same distillate state as it had done previously, except once taken off and cooled it retains back into a more vaseline state while looking heavily cloudy. The first batch had not done this and retained its distillate state once decarbed. The chemical makeup of it has clearly changed, but is almost limited to a point regardless of duration, temperature, and methods used during the decarb process. Once it is heated up by a battery, it returns back to the distillate state temporarily. Seems as if though minimal heat will fix the issue but without it we are stuck in the vaseline state. Looking for a way to combat this for further runs I do, as I am not sure what could be done differently from the first batch that worked so well. So far we have attempted a distillate mix, terp mix, that have both failed, and are now looking into a isolated triglyceride solution, granted it is safe. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Those are fats and waxes

You can save the batch by winterizing but that may slay your terpene profile. You can dry a more robust Dewax during your extraction in the future to prevent this. My best guess.

Does it look like this?

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Similar, yes. Almost like a candle wax. I was rather confused on why the first run worked so perfectly but now this is the complete opposite.

Well that’s non-winterized CBD distillate. If it’s similar then you may have a starting point.

Did you use the same material from run to run? Did you do the exact same treatment in processing it? I suppose you could leave the winterized product on a high vac line for a day or two to knock your residual ethanol down but again that may altar the profile by sucking off your light terps.

Are you making or purchasing your starting material?

Winterizing may be your best bet if you’re purchasing. Not picking the fats up in the first place only works if you’re making the starting concentrate yourself.

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I am new at this and i want to go the same route as you.

If i understand things correctly is that pressing rosin and decarbing is a highly skillfull process linked to your variety and trichome extraction process.

Every strain has different ratios concerning lipids/thca crystals/terpenes, etc. If you want to do a full solventless/additive less process, then you have to deal with each strain specificaly.

Sometimes, when you are happy with your first batch, you try and increase your yield in the second and you increase temps/pressure.

Also, did you have a temperature gun that can control the temperatures displayed on the hotplate or in the oven ?

keep me posted please