D9 cat 3 needed

Looking for legitimate,
D9 distillate liters in California.
Please reach out if you run/work for a lab. 150-300 liters needed weekly. Inbox me with contact information & pricing.

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Lol sure thing

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Lol is right.

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If you are so serious with that volume then, I would suggest you get a verified account and run some L2L deals. Best way to use this site…


What about low ballers who drove the market to nothing now want to bitch


Good luck, your going to want a picture of a fat pile of cash if you want to get anyone attention. Also don’t expect any bulk discounts, if anything people who can fill big orders like that are charging more for disty rn. It is a seller’s market.


I would confirm. prices have increased and sellers don’t give a fuck about bulk buying.


Scumbags and their converted hemp water drove it down. Now people know what to look for. The brokers ruined the market.

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Not worth that much effort, the licensed guys are the ones ripping people off with converted delta 8. Just trying to see if there’s anyone legit, guess I’ve got my answer so far.

Pictures of cash from online individuals are as fake as everyones COA results.

Not at all. Theres a huge biomass shortage which is what’s bringing the price back up.

Supply and demand


Carp & organ has loads of trim $9/lb cat 3 quality. Just need a lab who is already running big or wants to step up. Thanks anyways, I’m here to make money.

we got the Cat 3 trim from Oregon on lock Fam

Saying I want 150-300 liters a week is comical IMO, I hear that from peopoe all the time and its always followed buy some lowball ass price and than them wanting to buy a single liter or get a free sample to test it out, the Big labs already got clients and no need to even entertain anyone else


We’re already buying from multiple big labs here and they’re all tapped out. No matter the price.
If you’re serious, I come put the bottles in quarantined while I run a personal COA. Cash on hand if it’s clean, big waste of my time if not.
All you big talkers out here ask for crazy tags and can’t even bring me one, singular, clean, liter. Even a clean 10g sample from a liter. “Big Labs” have been the WORST (in socal at least)…. So yes I’m going to lowball. The ticket is fair, maybe not for this large of an order, but it is fair.
Samples are not how I do business.

Ya, gonna want today’s paper and a thumbs up in the picture with the pile of cash.

Go offer them $3 a gram with 3 months of 200 liters a week paid up front and you will get your disty


I’d be willing to do that L2L.
But the issue is, either labs are getting hemp trim mixed in with their intake, or they’re legitimately trying to push convert + remediated trash. 9.9/10 Of the 200+ COA’s I’ve wasted money on these past 4 months all pop for D8, pesticides or have terrible dye jobs. I don’t have the time to go out and source trim for everyone and their mama. I just want a clean supplier.
I’ve been lied to by every stand up person in this business recently and many people don’t even know they’re being lied to right now. It sucks.
The current state of the cannabis market has really screwed up everyone’s personal morals.

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You know measurable d8 levels can come from normal distillate too right?


Lol what? Very rarely if ever, there is no significant amount of D8 anywhere in cannabis. Was never an issue until the past cpl years.


Among a tally of 214 high THC vaping liquids, we found 58 vaping liquids with unnatural levels of d8THC, 26 vaping liquids with significant or major levels of the d6a,10aTHC/d10THC isomers, 138 vaping liquids with some or minor levels of the d6a,10aTHC/d10THC isomers, and only 38 vaping liquids which contained d9THC as the only THC isomer.


Concluding Remarks
While the grouping of vaping liquids presented in this work is somewhat subjective, this work provides strong evidence that different THC isomer patterns observed in the products represent different processes to produce high THC source materials. The vaping liquids reported in this work were obtained from multiple locations throughout the US, showing that the occurrence of unnatural THC isomers in these products was widespread. Given that these isomers are likely already present in high THC source materials, it is to be expected that unnatural THC isomers will be encountered in other THC containing products. We recently encountered some THC candies in which both d9THC and d6a, 10aTHC were predominant cannabinoids, and significant amounts of d8THC and both d10THC stereoisomers were found (unpublished data). The presence of unnatural THC isomers in Cannabis products raises questions with respect to both their legality and potential safety concerns.

Many people use carbon, if they don’t do a good job at cleaning it up, you will see a little bit of Delta 8. Same going if they’re distilling acidic crude like if they were using CRC with acidic media. It is extremely common

Wonder how many people you have thought they were lying were just distilling filtered crude haha

This misconception is extremely common among brokers