D8 THCp, D9 THCp, HHCp For Sale

Good Evening Future Family, more new cannabinoids for y’all!

Δ8-THCP: 20220117-D8THCp.pdf (3.6 MB)

$85/g for <100g
$75/g for 100g-1kg
$65/g for >1kg

Δ9-THCP: 20220215-D9THCP-KCA.pdf (3.9 MB)
90% COA on this current batch, waiting for it to come over.
$95/g for <100g
$85/g for 100g-1kg
$75/g for >1kg

HHCP (no standard)
$105/g for <100g
$95/g for 100g-1kg
$85/g for >1kg

If you are interested in samples please go to Vivimu.com and message me for a future discount code!


bump for the dailies

bump for nighties

If anyone is looking to try some of these more unique cannabinoids we are running 42% off on Vivimu.com for 420.



Looks great! I will recommend client to you if anyone asks us for premium HHC or Delta8 oil

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thank you!

interested in trying some d9 thcp - can we order direct from you or does it go through vivimu?

How much are you looking? for our wholesale MOQ is 100 grams.

Wholesale is our main business at honey gold / mc nutraceuticals.

thank you bret for your seriousness is your help I recommend you to everyone who wants to work with serious people and good merchandise Stephane


Thank you Stephane!

Curious what is the 9R ratio of ur hhcp?

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HHCp-1082022 (1).pdf (641.1 KB)