D8 red

Looking for help with d8 we have done 30 water washes including baking soda washes and still coming out red we are all stumped on what it could be we belive the acid may still be in it but if so not sure why its not coming out

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Add some sugar

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That workspace is fucked.

Even my fucking woodshed extraction booth is cleaner than this…


Sodium bicarbonate?
Did you neutralize?
pH of your solution?

You probably have a byproduct with around the same boiling point as d8. No worries. THC isn’t affected by vacuum like other molecules.

Raise you vac. Lower your temp and use the wiper as the tool it’s meant to be.

Your d8 will be collected in the residue fraction and the lighter compounds will evaporate and distill.


:thinking: i think i know what you mean, but that sentence is not how you want to say it.

We were thinking it was a byproduct because you can see the red coming in with the d8
Going to try citric acid, then salt, then sodium bicarbonate
And raising the vacuum and the temp at 153

I know.

Throw it in the wiper first.

How do you not freak out and clean the place

Acetone is your friend


It is pretty bad just ripped this place apart trying to fix this problem


What method do you use to produce this ? Ptsa ?
What temperature ?

If you see no color change upon pH mitigation, then it might likely be tar or so, like it was made too hot…

Vac leak

Had this issue the first time I tried the ptsa method. We ended up putting it in a short path and raising temp until cannabinoids were refluxing in the head but not quite bumping over. Let it dwell for an hour and then ran it through the wiped film.




Ptsa 100c

We keep washing and running through the wipers and just can’t seem to get it out

We’ve been needing to do alot more water washes with this new batch of acid. Were doing baking soda initially and then 25 to 30 water washes with regular water. We did a batch last week with a little more water washes and it came out perfect. This one however is coming out red still.

20 to 30 washes is vague does that mean 20 volumes of water to 1 volume nonpolar solution?

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Beautiful work @Montroller

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Looks great same color we are pulling tried doing what you said but still pulling red

You might be able to clear it up with AC in the flask

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I doubt that you are producing d8.
D8 should be nearly colorfree.
Those high temps with ptsa will produce some bad stuff. Very harsh conditions for cannabinoids

Even if you leave pTSA and CBD at RT for a longer time, it will turn into a brown slurry and distill over red and orange.

Do you know what temp should be used and for how long

We only chase after high d9 conversion.
High d8 runs are more like an accident.
Happened pretty often, but I can’t give you exact numbers.
If you scale the method from this paper, you should get high d8. Your solution will turn blood red.

Its a waste of ptsa and I give no guarantee, as I only made one 10g batch.
Others here know it a lot better, but keeping the temp below 40°C will solve your problem with red color.

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