D8 D10 and 99.9% CBN Kilos. Wondering what going rates are currently and if there’s an interest in any of those? Thoughts ?

Wondering if there’s enough knowledge or demand on D8 kilos D10 kilos CBN kilos CBC kilos etc and what pricing people would be interested in paying. Debating getting verified as a cbd slinger and moving these cannabanoids in bulk. Just wanted to see if people even are educated enough to have enough demand


From the information i have , there is limited demand for this exact reason and the price is very high. I have seen 2 companies selling this in bulk and i have seen a few companies claiming to use them in there products.

D8 and 10 are legal? Or it’s part of that grey area of legal/illegal?

Legal currently. Gray area for sure but it’s been cleared by my lawyer. We would have great pricing because we have a new way to create it


Seeing 75%CBN oil for $60k, I think this may be little overpriced
I am producing and selling a few kg per months of CBN isolate for $65k-80k depending on volume of purchase.

Any idea what CBG isolate is going for?


D 8 kilo s ?? Hmmm you been able to cristelize D8

How much would a kilo of d10 or d8 go for?

We haven’t set a price for a D10 yet cause it doesn’t rly exist yet. But probably 7500-10000 cause it just doesn’t exist. Kilos of 85%+ delta 8 we are thinking 4500-5500.

99% cbn is probably going to be 55-60k since no one on the market has totally pure CBN kilos.

Don’t have access to CBG kilos yet.

Will have CBC, CBDV, THCV and other pure kilos soon. Don’t even know where we are gonna start pricing on those yet


THCV is legal too??

CBG is going for 35k a kilo I believe

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We have to look into the legality of THCV. But the letter of the law SPECIFIES delta 9 THC. THCV is an isomer and therefore legal


I thought THCV was a homologue not an isomer. Don’t THCV, CBDV, and CBCV all come from CBGV?

Even more legal president for it to be okay.

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Technically everything comes from CBG though.


CBGV comes from CGB?

CBG is the original cannabanoid that every other cannabanoid transitions to within the plant as it develops

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I have access to the cbn at nearly half the prices discussed above. You all are in for a rude awakening this season. These numbers will likely be cut in half again before there literally is no money in it unless your a processor like @MileHighLabs


So your saying cbn prices are available for 30k a kilo? Then we will drop to 25. It’s just riding the market as maxed out as we can. No one can keep up with us. Haven’t seen anything on the market under 55k and not a single person with 99.9% cbn kilos. @Killa12345 are your contacts on the market at 30k yet ?

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D8 is schedule 1 right along side D9. I know we’re talking about hemp here but I don’t know the risk is worth testing the waters with the DEA.


D8 is not scheduled…

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