D8 and D9 Seperation!

Hello again future family.

So i been playing with small batches of CBD to D8 as conversions and my test had both D9 and D8 in it.

Had a few questions…

Have any of you successfuly seperated D8 and D9 via distillation in a batch? What type of vacu was required?


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I think @Roguelab said he has done it

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Yes seperation beter than cbd can be achieved at around 30 mic
A vigreux 8. " is needed thou


Were you able to pull cuts that were purely one or the other?

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Yes if there is no cbd in the mix
So D8 made from a thc D9 (haze) oil
Once cbd comes in the mix it becomes a lot harder if not inpossible for clean cut s


Yes if there is no cbd in the mix
So D8 made from a thc (haze) oil
Once cbd comes in the mix it becomes a lot harder


Is it even possible to get pure d8 from cbd isolate? 99% d8 with 1% d9 is the best I have heard of.

Yes it is it s hard to get it right without in house analytics but Yes it can be done
The thing is D8 is very stable
Cbd to D8 or D9 to D8 are somewhat easy the other way around is very hard
I won t say inpossible for we have come a long way


There is a method given for d8->d9 in a paper using hydrochloric acid

Something i notice a lot and makes the diffrance between a chemist and a cook
Is the fact that we the cooks often use to much reagent for certain reactions
Instead of calculating molar mass needed for the reaction wich is a parameter that helps in getting things right


If you use dry hcl gas D9 can be made yes


Since when we stop sharing papers and findings on future4200 !!!


It was posted in another thread I just need to find it again

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What vapor temp are you seeing d8/d9 separation area 30 microns?

172C. Blah bla damn sentence was to short :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Had a question for people whove successfully done CBD to D9…

Are you guys seeing that once its cleaned up the D9 is degraded and dark or is high clarity possible?

No it’s not degraded at all, shouldn’t be much color change. Make sure you’re testing every step up the way. Unknown isomers have the potential to be quite hazardous

Depending of sop the color my vary
But I have been able to use water clear as starting material
(Cbd issolate in heptane treu a puck of magsil)
Reflux and get a really pail yellow end product D9
Wich treu a bento cake is transparent

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We refine D8 distillate and remove the D9 on a tolling arrangement. However, we do not remove/convert the D9 during the batch…it is completed after a bulk supply of D8 is created. I’m not the chemist so I don’t know much about the process that is done to accomplish this.

I have been able to successfully separate D8/d9 with CPC. A solvent system consisting of heptane/meoh/h2o(20mmol/liter of hpBcyclodextrin) the aqueous phase is stationary as the cyclodextrins improve the chiral selectivity, this phase is 70:30 favoring meoh. Heptane is mobile. This works well and although it doesn’t completely resolve the two, you can get 80% or better yield of d9 free D8 depending on your starting material. Unfortunately, unless you’re grinding on a kromaton 10L or 20L unit with membrane recovery, I don’t think CPC can be justified with the current market value of D8.
The one issue I am seeking some advice on is the following: although the stationary phase holds back most of the cyclodextrins a small amount are eluting through and I need a way to separate them from the oil, any ideas? Perhaps a certain filtration media?