Cutting shatter bho with terpenes sop


Well yes you can add it to your diamonds.

But what I meant is: skip cold crash, add Terps (and maybe some decarbed oil) at solvent level when you would normally cap jar. Dont cap jar. Swirl in a clockwise motion. If you’re in new Zealand, swirl in a counter clockwise motion. Purge solvent to -20 hg at 85 f . Good luck


This may help you guys. I provided guidance on using our terps, diluent, and shatter. And Baked-All-Day cut shatter with our terpene blend and Terpene Diluent.


Could I get a sample from floraplex? So far I’ve used holy Terps pure line and true terpenes. I also work at a grow store in Michigan that sells true terpenes. Maybe we could also start carrying floraplex? No guarantees but it’s possible


Hey Dab!

Sure, we’ll get you a really nice sample pack, including our Terpene Diluent. I’d send some hot chocolate too if I could, considering how cold MI has been this week :coffee: . Send me your address by DM or you can email us if you feel more comfortable.


If you dewax and decarbed the bho you can add most of the weight loss due to decarb back in terpines and you will be close to the right viscosity for a vape pen. Should be about 10%

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Cough cough.

Cough cough cough.


lol I asked @Killa12345 if this could be good for vape pen cartridges once decarbed


The reason I don’t like bho in cartridges is many folds. Not just one.

First, your gonna need a dilutant and in a much higher % using shatter then using distillate. This decreases the medicinal benefits I can get from a bho cartridge

Second. Most bho isn’t properly dewaxed. So your either gonna have dark cartridges after a little while from burnt waxes or your gonna have clogging issues.

Third. Bho isn’t typically decarbed all the way either. Even if your heating to put terpenes in the mixture. This usually creates flow problems.

Finally. Usually bho is a lower potency than distillate. I’m using all this for medicine. Not for money making. I personally what the highest % of thc/cbd without a malfunctioning cartridge.

Hope this answers why I use distillate rather than bho when cartridge making. If you all want to make cartridges with unwinterized, not decarbed bho, by all means go for it. Im not hear to say what is good and what is bad. Im hear just sharing experiences I’ve had in the past.


I also didn’t say it would need further processing. And it doesn’t come out extremely stable


I’ve had them not turn out so great in the past using bho. Mabey I’ll just sit on it, and just use the disty.

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Cartridge noobie

I totally agree that disty is the way to go for carts but until I can get a 20k investment for the equipment this is the only way I can make them. I agree with everything that @Killa12345 said. With that being said I’ve made hundreds of bho carts using this method that have sold in a dispensary, with the only complaint being that Crystals were forming in the cart. I solved that by getting the bho up to about 220° for a few min then cooling down to about 150° then adding the Terps

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so would we need to add color back to get the carts to sell?

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I’m pretty sure they’d sell better than before and tastes better.


If the tests that were in the other crc thread are indicative of what the clear tech has to offer, distillation may be an unnecessary step. I’ve had great luck putting highquality dewaxed decarbed shatter in carts with minimal added terp dilution.


i did some defatted (winterized is same thing, right?) with terps and some defatted without terps… didn’t really think about the difference, ill have to put one of each aside and try them… went to distillate after that (with terps)…

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my dewaxed/decarbed carts were very dark. the distillate is like a clear honey color.


you should specify fahrenheit or celsius on your temps (default is celsius, but that’s not what you’re referencing, right?).


Was the starting bho dark?


You pointed out my favorite part of that whole CRC thread. Is distillation even necessary with those kind of high percentages?


I would still think so. I don’t think the Crc is pulling out all the waxes and fats. Yes. It does a great job doing a lot. But all. No! That’s what makes cartridges fail in my experience.

I’m sure it’s a better option then normal shatter but I don’t think it’s gonna be a replacement for distillate in cartridges.

I could be wrong but I feel like distillate has its place despite my least favorite out of the concentrates available to me.