Custom terpenes analysis

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a lab that I can send various solutions to and get a terpenes analysis. This way I can recreate that profile for various flavor profiles for my cartridges.

where are you located?

most states with a medical program have 3rd party testing labs that can accomplish this

I am located in oregon


Greenleaf in portland tests for 42 terpenes, you might want to check their list and see if they have what you need.

I stopped using greenleaf when they returned 19% THC on a 16% CBD flower sample.

they’ve since been sold, so ymmv.


This might be a stupid question but do you think these labs will allow me the test for the terpene content of non cannabis/hemp derived products.

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lol thats a pretty big discrepancy, ive never had any issue with greenleaf personally.

had any bad experiences with chemhistory?? Ive always heard chemhistory is the kinda lab were you can flash the operator a $100 and you get an extra point or two lmao. but thats just the word on the street, its prolly not the case.

talk to the lab, you may need to buy them the standard or something, but they might be open to it, youll never know if you dont ask!

Not a stupid question, imo that’s a forward thinking question. I’d love to know the terpene make up of random things.
I think u just need it in a homogenized solution, I dont think u can bring them a piece of a cake and have them test it. But perhaps u can get “cake” terpene mix and have them test it to see if there are any common Terps with cannabis.
I personally want to start incorporating hop Terps into products

That’s exactly my opinion. I can use a homoginzer to suspend various products in solvent. It would be interesting to get a chocolate cake terp, or actual thin mint cookies, etc

I haven’t used a single Oregon lab that didn’t make a whack mistake like that. Actually chemhistory made the worst mistake I encountered, but I’ve also seen epic fails from pixis, greanleaf, rose city, and others. At a certain point I just had to accept that these things happen and went with the lab that seemed to repair them the quickest.


Soooo… Send the same thing to every lab and use the results that are grouped the closest?

The problem is these mistakes are usually sporadic like “oops a tech mixed up the vials”, not really a analytical problem per say.

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which do you find to be the most reliable?

That seems like the most reasonable approach.

Lightscale has been the best for me so far and they are always quick to fix any issues and answer any questions. Pixis is good for certain projects, which yours might fall under. They have a lot of experience identifying not normally found compounds and even have NMR labs they’ll work with to identify certain compounds. Chemhistory had the most robust terpene testing when I used them over a year ago but it’s been awhile since I’ve used them.

Hope that helps!

Yup I use pixis for unknown analysis alot too. They don’t always get answers but they always give it the old college try and don’t charge much.


I’ve only used Chemhistory once, and quite some time ago. They were amongst the first in OR to have the right tooling. At the time some of their competitors were scrambling to get even HPLC in house.

They may have lost their edge. It has been awhile…

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A 42 terpene profile doesn’t imitate the terps from a cannabis plant. You’ll be making your own fake blend. But if you’ve never pulled cannabis terpenes from the plant you’re trying to spoof, you might think it’s good.

I know a flavor chemist with a ton of experience doing exactly this for a mega-grow.

Their shit smells just as fake as it is, and if I was a jerk I’d tell you where to buy it and see yourself, but I feel sorry for this chemist because the company is mentally challenged, not the chemist.

Everyone has to learn this for themselves, not that I’m anyone special at pipette jockeying, but I tried for shits and giggles. People who like those fake blends liked it. But if you’re trying to capture the smell of your fresh ground flower or the taste of its live resin…well, you’ll see.

You’ll want an analytical balance, a good set of glass pipettes or disposable Pasteur pipettes (please don’t use plastic, every common type is incompatible with terpenes, they act like organic solvents after all).

Good luck and have fun!