Custom Ethanol Extraction system input

I’m looking for a parts list to buy and a PID (Process and Instrumentation Diagram) if possible. I have seen a few setups but have some questions.

  1. Size and source of the reactors

  2. There are numerous ports on the vessels, what do I attach and where? Are we using air to agitate the ethanol/weed?

  3. Size and specs on the pumps

  4. I assume that we pump ethanol into the vessel and that we drop in bags of weed. Then we use air to agitate the mixture for several minutes. I also assume that we are chilling the vessels either by pumping cold glycol into the jacket or using a refrigerant (like an industrial refrigeration system in lieu of a packaged system). Can someone spec the chiller system? After the tank is drained, then I guess we grab the weed bags and use a washing machine on the spin cycle to reclaim as much of the crude as possible (can someone spec the washing machine)?

  5. Then we pump the cold ethanol/weed slurry into a holding tank and then through a filter media then we reclaim the ethanol in rotavaps. So I need to know what filter system that are recommended

Is in the right direction?

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Or something like this

that depends on how much cannabis you want to extract.
you can look to the brewery industry for jacketed tanks in a variety of sizes.

they are less expensive than the reactors you linked to. and come in larger sizes.

Make sure you ask about jacket pressures and vessel pressure/vac limits. I had to reconfigure my system when I learned at ship time that the 100gal jacketed receiver I had spec’d wasn’t up to the pressure generated by my chiller.

Vac allows you to distil at lower temps.

two of these would get you started.
As would two beer kegs.

yes, an air powered agitator is the correct solution. the beverage distillation industry can help you out here.

can’t tell you which ports do what till you’ve got it in your hands. more ports is usually a good thing.

air powered.

bags aren’t necessary, and at some scales are going to get in your way (see press link below).

domestic washer will probably not fly evan for final solvent removal in a regulated shop. or at least I wouldn’t try and get it by the firemarshal. adding it in after inspection might work…

is you want a spinny-go-round, get a delta sep unit. Delta Separations CUP - YouTube
or go with a press Industrial Filtration Equipment Q&A

Are you looking for THCA? If not Rotovaps are not the least expensive route.
Get/build yourself an appropriately sized still.

if you get two identical reactors you can use one to soak your cannabis, and the other to distil it. If you get three, you can chill your solvent in it. so pay $2k, not $10k.

Happy to do a private consult.


I need to produce as much as possible but shooting for 120-200 Liters a month of distillate

how much cannabis do you want to put in the tube each day?

that defines the size of the tube.

telling me how much end product you want isn’t helpful unless you also include methodology AND input quality (potency).

I can help with EtOH crude production setup.

There are others that are more qualified to get you from plant material to distillate via EtOH…cause my WFE is still a quote in the bosses inbox :wink:


I’m looking at a few WFE system currently and we just put an order in for a 12L SPD from lab society to upgrade from our 2L setup.

Just want to be able to scale up

So how much cannabis are you extracting to feed your 2L?
what would that look like scaled to the 12L?

How much head room do you want from there?

What is your budget?
Which regulatory environment are you playing in?

We are currently doing about 40 liters a month with a 2" pope, 2L short path and 2 20L rotos. We are in California and Colorado but building out our second facility in California.

that sounds like output not input.

if you’re asking to size an extraction system, I can’t help without additional data.

How much crude are you going through?
What grade (potency) of input are you hoping to extract?
How are you currently producing your crude?
What sort of losses are you seeing from crude to finished product?

We want to run 500-800 pounds a weeks of material

which means recovering about 1000-1500gal of Ethanol a week unless you run the same solvent over multiple batches of cannabis. In which case I again need the potency of the input material, because the number of passes you can do varies with potency of input.

Assuming whole plant at about 10%, you can probably reuse your solvent 4 or even 5 times. so you can get away with 25gal a day at your lower limit, and might want to look at 100gal a day to give you room for expansion.

You could get a CUP 15, and process 8lbs every 30 min, and recover over-night in a large (100gal) still. or FFE if you’ve got the capital.

or you could process 75lbs at a time using a 100gal reactor, and use a press to get your solvent off the cannabis. recovery looks similar.


Trim and popcorn nug usually between 8-15%

Cup 15 is great but 90k trying to do it cheaper then that lol

Are you sure on that price? pretty sure $90k gets you more than a CUP15.

I could have sworn when I was in their shop back in October, the CUP15 was $35k, and the CUP30 looked to be $55k. unless I’m hallucinating again… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: maybe the 15 was $55k and the 30 was $90k?!?

Mine should be here next week. Haven’t seen the invoice. I requested the CUP 30 and was turned down…but I probably paired it with the Spray-Vap or Pinnacle’s FFE so it was a very expensive combo.

Asked for funds to build a cannabis disorienter from scratch 3 or 4 years ago. Wish it had occurred to me to use a standard washing-machine for just recovering the last 5-10% of solvent. I wasn’t happy with the wetted surfaces/bearing/non-enclosed motor when looking at them as extractors. Doh! I wouldn’t try flying one now, but maybe that’s just me.

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quote from them yesterday


hallucinating again it is then… :dizzy_face:

like I said, haven’t seen what we paid, and can’t find what Nick sent my way six months ago. I also don’t know when we pushed go.

Delta called and asked if we needed a lift-gate for delivery on Monday. As far as I know it hasn’t landed yet.

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This is the new version, the older version is 8k cheaper

Wow, i got it quoted at 62k for the old model 4 months ago. I guess business is booming over there.I

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They probably get to quote whatever they want then get commission off that. I can see it being 50k but 85 is crazy

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Yeah, 85k for the 15 gal is a bit much.