Currently running my first spd. Questions as I go


One thing I’m confused on is the 220/time to call it quits. So, if my head temp is staying at 200ish this whole time, and only goes down, how will it end up at 220? By me jacking up the temp to squeeze out more distillate? I don’t expect it will go up on its own. That’s the only thing I’m not grasping. Sorry. Should I be bumping the mantle up to maintain that 200 head temp? Or should I let it naturally fall or rise until I see tails? And again back to the 220 number; is that me jacking up the temp to squeeze out whatever I can?


Also, I fucked up and somehow managed to get a small drop of heads in my second flask, which I assume is from not cleaning the head out after yesterday’s try. So I went straight to the 3rd clean flask to collect. But I’m about to over flow, so I have to resort to that 3rd flask with the contaminate. I guess I’ll just collect the rest of the thc and tails in that flask and run it later? No getting around it I assume


:grinning: your a work of art :joy:
Every time your temperature rises is because a fraqtion has depleted
So once thc has left the. Building the the temperature in the flask Will rise to the next fraqtion that starts boiling become vapors and leave the building your last cannabinoids have a boiling temp of 220 after that all thats left can and Will boil and become vapor but You don t want them so thats why You stop


Also. I just noticed a red hue appearing along the top of the condensor. I know red comes when distillate oxidizes. Thoughts ?


I think iT s time to shut down i think the red is CBN


Haha. Thanks for the compliment lmao. So, after the thc is completely depleted, the head temps will rise on their own until they get to the 220 area? HEY! So far I’ve understood everything thrown at me haha. I just never been where I’m at right now so I don’t know what to expect to see :slight_smile: as of right now it’s still spitting gold syrup and into its 2nd collection flask. I’m pisses that I fucked up abd got some nasty in that flask… I’m collecting so much thc in that flask still but that little drop of shit I assume ruined it


Well syrup must really end then stop


Damn… do u really think it’s time to shut down?
You guys would know better but it APPEARS that clear gold is still comin


Let the gold come whatch the red once iT starts to come as Drips iT s time



Now what volume do You have in all 3 flasks is iT about half of your start volume ?


Gotcha :slight_smile: thanks guys again. This was a clusterfuck of a thread, but you watched me go from clueless, to almost 2 full flasks of distillate. Man. So awesome


I suspect the red is close to making its way in, BUT I’m collecting in the flask I already slightly contaminated so I’ll let it come as long as it looks gold

Here’s a dumb ass question. When it’s time to call it quits, just shut heat off and break vacuum ?


Yeah bro you killed it! Great thread for other beginners. I love this website


I agree you killed it bro. I can’t wait to try myself next week. Congrats :champagne::tada: :beers:



Kill heat leave vac running for 10/15 min
Befor boiling flask go s cold clean her out pour hot liquid out and Ad a solvent be carefull your flask must be warm not hot. When pouring in solvent


Thanks for the kind words guys. That red is throwing me off. I can’t tel if it’s actually flowing in with the oil, all I can see is beautiful gold color still coming out. As I said, for this specific time I don’t mind because that second collection flask was already contaminated so I’ll collect all I can and run that second flask again down the line. But even so I can’t decipher in a normal situation on what I should do… the red has indeed showed up and appearing near the very end of the condenser where the gold is coming out, but the syrup coming out still looks pure yellow/gold. I guess this is one of this “experienced things


Oh I know about the hot flask… yesterday I poured the hot shit into a mason jar after I gave up, and shattered the mason jar :slight_smile: lesson learned


When you think you’re done or less than 20% remaining in the bf kill the heat, let your pumps run with ballast open for about 20 minutes until everything has cooled and you have stopped distilling. Then break vac. If your flask is too hot to touch with your hand it’s too hot for iso. Once I start seeing red coming up the head it’s time to switch to tails on second pass. With first pass it’s okay to run those tails into your main body because under better vacuum depth on second pass you’ll be able to separate the thc from those tails