Currently running my first spd. Questions as I go



There will be a notable change in the consistency of what is passing, THC tends to cling to the glass as it climbs the head and passes through the condenser, unless you’re running a hot condenser it’ll flow like honey and coil as it falls into the receiving flask rather than dripping like the liquids that came before it.


Head temp is around 180-185. A see lots of yellowish liquid starting to come down the condenser. It’s a lot more thick and syrupy coming into the flask. I feel like it’s time to switch



If anyone can confirm the change from my last video would be a huge help. Head temp around 190, thick yellow/sliiight green drilling down like a light syrup


So… I pulled the trigger and rotated flasks. Liquid started to swirl and coil as I’ve seen in people’s videos.



Fucking. Awesome. So Now! How do I maintain this. From what I’ve read once I get to this point, everything should mostly stay how it is, and I am seeing that. Head temp is staying around 195-200 on its own. Mantle isn’t fluctuating. And it’s just pouring golden syrup. My research has said at this point it’s going to keep going until all the desired compounds are gone(thc). Is it safe to say for now I don’t have to adjust much and just let it go? For the first time in this whole process my temps and numbers aren’t really changing ! What should I be aware of at this point? What temp should I stay away from at my head?? It’s basically staying still at 200ish. It’s pouring gold syrup!! I made it this far, now what do I look out for and avoid? Thank you guys. So much. My heart is pounding watching this happen. Dangers? Changes? What’s the next step


looks good!


keep going till 220*c And cut it off!


My head temp is still right at 200.9. The only thing changing is my microns going down. So it seems it’s doing it’s thing on its own… but as time passes is it safe to assume I should maintain head temp at 200c or so, IF it starts to change or lower? Basically where I’m at, is I’m drizzling tons of gold syrup, head temp staying around 200. Mantle temp has not changed. Just want to know what’s important here to maintain this, or will it just keep going until the thc is done? What do I look for from here on out?


So 220 head temp is when I’m done? Is that done with the thc? Or the whole thing. Will I notice the tails mostly by eye? And also, will my head temp make its own way up to 220? Or should I ramp it to 220? As of righ now it’s stayed at 200 for over ten minutes and just doing iTs thing



Numbers have stayed the same for over 20 minutes now :slight_smile: :slight_smile: now I’m just wondering what my next changes are going to be, or what to anticipate from here on out. Man, I feel so good right now :slight_smile: not only because it worked, but because I was able to observe and understand why it worked. So cool


So, an observation. My head temp started to drop VERY slightly. Like by .5 degrees but was going down consistently. I bumped up my mantle 3 degrees, and the head temp came right back to 200.3. So is it a safe assumption that the head temp will start to go down little by little and I just need to maintain it with the mantle? And In doing so, eventually I’ll get near the suggested 220 degree mark? And in that process I’ll see the darker tails come in? Also, can I push my head temp higher safely to speed things up to avoid time degradation? Or should I just keep her like she is and let her spill the syrup? At 201.1 head temp now. Seems even the 1 degree jump in head temp made the syrup move a little faster. Keep here at 200-201 area? Or move up a bit?


So I’m maintaining that 200.3 head temp, and only for the second time had to bump the mantle up a few degrees. Is this where people would use phrases like “low and slow”? I’m assuming if I pushed the head temp up I’d get a faster reaction? Still curious as to what would get me up to that 220 cut off mark. My mantle is at 216, but head temp is only 201. If the head temp goes down under 200 every so often and I bump my
Mantle up, at what point would I allow it to get to 220 and cut it off? Would the thc slow down where I’d have to pump the head temp up? Just wondering what would happen to finally hit that 220 head temp… because as of righ now it’s staying at 200ish, with the occasional mantle bump up a few degrees


The head temp is going down because the fraction has been depleted. It’ll climb again as another fraction begins to boil off. A steady head temp and pot temp indicate that you’re in a fraction, so no change isn’t necessarily bad. 220C is a rough number, it’s kind of a trade-off between how much more of the residual cannabinoids you can squeeze out and how much undesirable content you begin to boil off at that point. This is where a lot of people see “potency” numbers dip, because they went straight past the cannabinoids and into higher boiling points than you want. Same thing happens on the other side, if you pull your head fraction too soon your “potency” will be low because you’ll have contaminated the Heart fraction with Heads.


Exelent job so far all that reverendsin saying is correct so heads Will drop and come back up untill You get to 220 last cannabinoid in line CBD
You may be working with a biomass strain that doesn t have CBD
So carefull If You do have CBD your boiling flask glass Will taint. Sligitly orange
When that head temps starts dropping You are done :dizzy::wink:


So a small little “issue”. It looks like the distillate is eventually going to over flow the flask lol. I guess I’ll just rotate to the 3rd flask and either stop before the tails, or depending how much needs to flow into the 3rd flask, collect it with the tails and save it for future running. I guess I need bigger collection flasks lol