Currently running my first spd. Questions as I go



It’s hurting my feelings because the red is real noticeable in the condenser but it’s still just pouring out gold like crazy. As I said this time it’s fine because I had no choice but to use the dirty flask as a overflow, but normally I don’t know what I’d do. That golden syrup looks mighty good still lol


That looks fire bro, keep on truckin


Head temp ?


Head temp down to 197.4. Normally I would’ve bumped the mantle up to get it back to 200… but we’re still holding steady at 197.4


Probably No Need to bump anymore
And the red is a cannabinoid so No enemy of the state😎


Excellent. I’m going to keep running it until I see noticeable change in color of the syrup pouring down


Once she stops running there Will be a silance before the storm Kinda thing in the boiling flask little boil bubbels
The temp should be in the 220 by then and boil bursts ( the Storms )
Will ocure that is really the end


Sweet deal… so, again the 220 thing is the only stumper… once this fraction/process is done, the head temp will raise on its own? Lol that’s my only hang up of understanding. It’s going down slowly right now as it still pours, but once that depletes, it will start raising?


Your efforts to solve the vac turned out great by the way😀


Yes your head temp Will lower. For there are very little vapors
Your boiling flask temp Will rise untill the next fraqtion starts boiling vapors Will apear and heat up your head and temps rise again in the head


3 liquids in a flask
A boils at 100C
B boils at 150 C
C boils at 180C
Heat flask till 98C not much happening at 100 C bubbels burst boil
Boiling leads to vapors which rise and. Heat your head
Once all the liquid a boild off (depleted)
Head doesn t get Any vapors and cools
Boiling flask heats up and on quiet inside the flask Some bubbels not much
Temp reaches 150 bam boiling of B starts bubbels burst and vapor vapor rises and heats the head etc etc


Second flask filling up nicely. Color still looks great to the eye. Head temp down to 196.


Finally noticeable color change. Much darker. I assume I would’ve rotated to tails flask under normal conditions.



See this is where I’m confused haha. I can’t get passed this thought. Right now color is much darker and syrup is barely coiling or coming out anymore. Head temp is down to 197.7 right? Now, IF i were to raise the mantle temp right now and raise the head temp, would it start spitting more oil? Or is it likely to start boiling out more stuff I don’t want. Along with that, if I didn’t raise the temp at all, if I’m understanding, eventually it will stop coming out, and my head temp will begin rising by itself? This is clearly the end of the road for this. Just trying to understand the end game

Edit. Oil is barely coming out now, and head temp is drastically dropping… and vacuum is going up for the first time. This is what you guys said would happen… so now I’m down to 144 head temp and falling… as vacuum goes up. Am I right In thinking shorty the head temp will start rising, making its way to 220? Last mile here guys, thanks for sticking with me!


YOU GUYS!!! My head temp dropped crazy quick, mantle and microns fluctuated. And all of a sudden my hEad temp is shooting up! YOU GUYS WERENT LYING!!! It’s happening!


So here’s the finale. Head temp dropped to 125 reallll fast, then started shooting up. It reached 188, and then began falling again. Currently head temp is down to 96, vac is 141. It never got up to or near 220 on its own, but oil got a lot darker and basically got too thick to run out. And that’s a wrap I believe


Does everyone agree, shut the heat off, run vac for another 15 minutes? Someone mentioned opening the ballast? That’s it. Just needing a proper shut down. And what an adventure that was!


All shut down. What a good day. Last questions of the night…
how should I store this? Mason jars? Refrigerator or no?

What do I do with the heads, toss them, or save them to run down the line again?

Same with the shit in the boiling flask. Should I save that? Mix it with heads and save? Etc

That’s basically it for the night


I store everything in mason jars in the freezer. Save everything and label it all individually. you can re-run that stuff left in the boiling flask once u have enough of it to run.