Current Prices of Shatter and BHO products

How much is wholesale shatter, no low quality stuff, just has to be light gold and decent terps, no CRC stuff either. I want black market prices and legal prices. I’m curious to see how they are competing currently. Wholesale pound prices or per gram prices are fine too. No retail prices

Is 10$ a Gram still fair? For shatter, but light gold, good potency, and stable. That was my price two years ago, just tryna see if it still holds today. I can dig for pics maybe. Just hoping for some input. Thank you all for your time

What state are you in. High quality stable gold shatter is $30-$40 a gram in michigan. You can find it for $20 but quality is less. Usually $300-$400 an ounce.


Name your price for real anything in New York. Our governor fucked up legalization so bad. It’s $75 a wack for a flavorless vape at the dispensary. Or get ripped off purchasing some scumbag hemp farmers mistakes on the black market. Cbd nugs are being sold as “sativa dominate creeper” by the local tool bag. Blasting hemp wax in the milking parlor next to old bessy. BVV should start selling cheese making supplies.


Yeah I shoulda clarified. I Need California Prices

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Definitely not 10/g for wholesale in state. With the rising difficulty of selling dist many people have gone back to shatter just like it seems like you are trying to do. avg price in state is around 7-8/g on the lb if you are well connected, but people are definitely getting beat up.


-4000 in northern Ca

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But only few want it. Diamonds and terp stuff definitely more in demand.

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Black market Washington state: $300 per oz

This batch was live resin.


It’s usually 65 usd - 80 usd a gram depending on the dispo for regular shatter usually Ethanol made Massachusetts. I haven’t found a dispo yet that sells butane or propane shatter. They all spout off about c02 and Ethanol. It’s usually 90 usd a gram of disty. Carts just got reinstated usually 65 usd and up for cannabis derived terps carts. It’s a lot in Massachusetts. The street has better prices, I’ve seen 20 usd grams of shatter but the street prices for diamonds are ridiculous about 80 usd a gram people get away with for diamonds.

@GroovyOctopusLabs That’s fucking nuts. I need to move to mass lol


I’m still moving shatter/pull n snap 15g for nice gold. More stable/light shatter 20 g. 350/420 oz


i have shatter for sale


Light shatter is under 3k a lb.
Live resin 35-4500 a lb. Sauce Diamonds 45-6000 a lb.


Where are you at with those prices? A lot better than I can find.

@Pupparoo there is a good reason for the expensive mark up in taxachusetts, take a look at the cost of living and add on the fact there is state with holding as well. The one great thing for Massachusetts is the free health care

Nice shatter in the bay goes for anywhere from 2300 to 3200 depending on the customer and quantity. I sold 5 for 28 last and felt good about it.

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