Cured Badder Tek

Been running into some challenges getting a traditional wet looking badder consistency from dried/cured material. I’m able to achive solid badder style results on live material consistently but for some reason all the dry trim runs even when using great starting material end up looking very shiny, sticky, and extremely tough to whip and eventually transfer out of the pyrex.

I’ve looked over the site alot and the badder tech is fairly consistent.
Here is my procedure:

Current Extraction Details

  • High-Quality Dry Trim Starting Material
  • Solvent: 70/30 n-butane/propane
  • Injection Temp -58C
  • Minimal Soak Time - N2 Push to Recovery
  • Collection pot at 39C
  • Recover to semi wet pour consistency


  • Pour into glass pyrex (thin)
  • Let offgas for 15mins
  • Transfer to hot plate
  • Hot plate surface set to 115F
  • Whip with metal spatula to promote bubbling/foaming throughout heating every few minutes.
  • Continue to whip/spread extract over hot plate until micro-crash and terpenes are hitting hard on the nose.
  • Take temp with laser throughout the process - never exceeds 105F.
  • Transfer to mason jar and cap.
  • Towards end of the process, I’m never able to get the fatty/globby/badder like chunking, only a shiny sticky semi badder like product.

Anyone ever cap jar and put back in oven at mid-90’s for further whipping later>?

I’ve read most of the whipping and badder threads already.
I appreciate the forum and support of all!

Here’s a pic of some solid live badder followed by a vid of sticky cured badder which I’m currently having difficulty with:


Looks fire just gram it up like that bro

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Consistency will be different in different batches. Dif terps, more or less fats / lipids that were pulled, even how high you go up on your heating mat will all effect final consistency. So many variables. So much funs.


moxie used to have a video on YouTube describing their tech for badder. that’s where I started. I’ll purge it like shatter and then ship on Pyrex and right BEFORE it starts to get buddery I scrape onto parchment then roll it out with a rolling pin. then I’ll let it sit for 1 to 3 days no vac no heat and voila. defintely has to be terpy to begin with though otherwise you’ll get crumble typically. hope this helps.


Thanks on that note - obviously More terps would promote a more wet consistency if done correctly - really shooting for chunky, rather than pure sticky. Almost impossible to gram it out when it’s like that.

What about solvent temps - is coldest possible best for badder? Thinkin out loud here…


Cold i believe is mostly for conserving terps and not pulling fats


Try the post processing with no heat. It takes longer but it will help you get that wet look.


Appreciate it - still able to get under 1000ppm with cold whip??

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You can still use a vac w no heat in the end just in case. After u reach desired texture


Thanks StoneD - just trying to find a process that can be repeated somewhat consistently

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