Cultivation in Colombian green house and getting big, dense, frosty buds

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone growing in a greenhouse in Colombia has been able to get buds as they sell them in the medical markets in Europe?

In a greenhouse cultivation in Antioqiua we get the desired profiles of cannabinoids and terpenes for the medical markets in Europe but the appearance & the touch and feel of the bud is different. Within Europe’s medical market, where cultivars are mostly indoor grown, buds are very hard and compact, almost like a stone, while the buds of plants grown under natural Antioquia conditions in a greenhouse are more fluffy and without the intense smell of terpenes. I guess high humidity is a main factor here.

Do you guys have any ideas of variations, growing techniques to get more stone-like buds in this environment?

The idea would be to get natural products grown under natural conditions to patients all over the world.


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Dis gon b gud


You need to add a substantial amount of supplemental UV. More than likely your green house/ hoop house are protecting the plant from the valuable UV rays.


You will notice a tighter heavier bud because of the increase in resin. It almost glues the buds together.

This is of course assuming everything else is dialed in.


What strains are you growing?

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Several strains such as Critical, Tangie, Cannatonic…

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If you are getting fluffy buds it’s because it’s hot

You are going to need to add cooling, since you are in the jungle a wet wall won’t work so use a combination of fans, venting and even shade cloth during the hottest part of the day.

You want your canopy in the the to low mid 80s

Keep your humidity around 50-60 and 40-50 in dark cycle

Burn some propane too. The increased co2 makes the plants more tolerant to higher temps.


Atioquia is typically overcast. Growing dense buds in low light is difficult.

Tell us more about your structure. We need to understand what climate you are achieving inside.

A few photos of veg and flower plants along with fertigation regiment would be helpful.


Yeah if it’s low light add a bunch of lighting

A mix of de hps and cmh


I grow rocks at 90-95 degrees. If you do not sustain the metabolism. You get larf.



You have to identify and correct whatever is inhibiting transpiration. That can be accomplished many ways depending what environmental limiting factors the location may have.


My inexpert advice is to hire a consultant. It sounds like you can afford it

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After re reading the op, I have to assume his VPD is wild with “high humidity” and heat.

Trying to do everything naturally is going to leave you with outdoors that should go straight to oil.

You are going to have to start artificially controlling your enviroment.


Grow Colombian landraces.


Yes, please don’t corrupt those wonderful landraces.
Just about anyone can grow donut strains…
But your doing pretty grows.:+1:


Climate control is your friend , hot temps make for fluffy flower. keep it below 30c and humidity below 50% . Make sure you have the correct nutrient balance and go the full grow term to harvest fully mature flower with good structure and terpene profile.


Exactly there are several landraces that
Deffenatly the older consumers are dying
To try quality bred landraces
I know electricpower is often an issue
So you will need to think out of the box for several issue s
@Bholagiri2020 is often around and might be of help


Yeah, a lot of it is going to depend on what “greenhouse” means in his setup. Could be a hoop house with a box fan, could be an awesome hybrid setup. Hopefully it’s something with roll up walls because it’s going to be hard for him to cool anything with evap.

But it is presumably a stupid low vpd. I’m sure if they are using a typical cannabis recipe in say .8kpa vpd that just going to a custom mix heavy in mass flow cations would help.

We just need more info.


I am 60 years old. I think somebody would probably have to be at least 55 to really remember smoking sativas before the Afghani onslaught. Maybe a few folks who’ve made it over to the coffee shops in Europe or have grown themselves. I’m currently growing Punto Rojo and it is loving all this humidity we are having.


It seems we agree that heat and humidity are the main causes for buds becoming a bit fluffy.
The hoop house is already helping a lot to get the buds a bit denser.

I guess the biggest gamechanger now would be to find cultivars which are even better adapted to the climate conditions of Antioquia. We have tried several landraces but they came out even more fluffy

If anybody comes over a cultivar which behaves differently under these special conditions please reach out. Thank you!

Good advice thanks!