Crystal Resistant Tfree Distillate $650/kg

We use a remediation process that is free solvent. The process is able to remove THCa and THC from crude extract or distillate. This unadulterated high minor cannabinoid distillate is crystal resistant making it ideal for use in vape pens or high potency tinctures (4500mg+).

This batch is 150kg
We have the abilty to produce 500 kilos a month
Free 15g Samples and full COA on request
Minimum order 500 grams


Crystal resistant aka low potency distillate


I mean, he didn’t lie when he said what it was. I just always hope when I click on these threads that someone has made cheap tfree crystal resistant 80% cbd disty haha


What’s the price? Can you send to another lab other than Columbia?

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This is an intentional process, to keep cutting agents out of peoples lungs. We would love to have higher potency options. We cannot do that without additives or cutting agents. This is the best we can do at this time to make a product that will not crystalize in carts after repeated heating and cooling. It is 100% hemp derived and not cut with any junk. We make Tfree distillate as high as 88%cbd 97% total cannabinoids.


I’d love to grab a sample for submitting to analytical testing


@mgucci 650 a kilo. We can send to a lab of your choice on larger orders. We can send you a sample to have tested at a lab of your choice.

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PM me your shipping address and we will get a sample out to you today. 1

Let me try a sample of this “crtystal Resistant disty”. I’ll DM my address

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That’s a better color than what i usually see for such a thing


Messaged an inquiry, thanks for the offering!

Soon!! I promise!


Is this created via chromatography or reactionary means?


It is created using a reaction. There are no catalysts or additives pused in the reaction.


I just got some a couple days ago (arrived 24 hours after I ordered). That was pretty awesome by itself.

I made a tincture and a few carts using the @Wolkentek ceramic carts bought from The carts tasted great to not need to enhance it further with cannabis derived terps ( gave me a freebie Incredible Hulk that smelled great and @MassTerpenes for their sampler deals and syringes), and didn’t need to be made more viscous. The tincture of mixed MCT oil and distillate tasted fine as well, and had no issues being mixed with a hotplate. A taste on the tongue was the normal spiciness and lingering taste.

I see nothing wrong with this oil. It’s got 59%, so low numbers, but it solves my cart problem (crystallization sucks) and it doesn’t taste like soap or citric acid (D8 jokes).

Perfect for carts. I can’t speak for the cheaper ones, but these 3 wolkenteks have been going well. Passes all tests: Potency (59%), Pesticides pass, heavy metals pass, Myco pass. I think @Deschuteslabs did well here. It passes my QC and has my stamp.

I’m the type that will wait for a deal and this was a stealie-deal. My face has been taken. Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself!


That last photo looks to be completely crystallized in the container? Or am I mistaken

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Really soft, everything under it kinda moves like molasses. It’s not like my CBG and CBD distillate that is fully crystalized / rock solid.

Hmm. If your carts don’t precipitate or sugar up after a few days then I suppose it’s legit

I know it’s only been ~40 hours, but I haven’t seen any signs of crystallization when stored @ 64F (relatively cool). I may eat my words here in a couple days, but here is a picture of it from ~5 minutes ago:


I have a sample on the way will review when it gets here as well