Crystal Resistant Distillate - CRD

What’s going on Future Fam? My friend’s lab is crushing CRD. The market increasingly wants uncut, 1,000mg CBD range 1 gram vape carts. So cutting down full spec distillate below 50% cbd isn’t as attractive to cart companies in this market. My friend has been selling kilos of CRD for $2,500! I have been pursuing it, as full spec disty gets increasingly commoditized.

I’ve read through all the threads here. I want to have my boys play around with mixing our extremely high potency CBD distillate with CBDa non-decarboxylated crude. Our crude is in the 78% cannabinoid range, so it seems like we have a great potential to pull this off.

I asked my lab manager that runs our crude (hexane wiped film extraction) if we can extract without decarbing. His answer was that in our process, decarboxylation is necessary for our solvent recovery process. While, I’m heavily involved in our operation, I’m certainly not a chemist like many of you. I was wondering if there was a recommendation on how this could be done, or if my lab manager is incorrect.

Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t see any CRD threads dated 2020. This industry moves fast. Thought it may be time to get the band back together. Thanks everyone!

EDIT: Am I correct that non-winterized crude would be the same as CBDa crude, and that winterizing/decarbing is what converts the CBDa to CBD? Thanks!

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If your extract is winterized and all solvent is evaded of cold (under vacuum ) you will have Cbd-a extract


Decarboxylation is what converts CBDA to CBD

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I assume your lab manager is extracting in hexane and then going right to decarb which is also the point where he is recovering all the hexane from extraction. Or he is removing the residual hexane in the wiper before distilling. Either way you wont be able to put the cbda in the wiper due to the high temps it required so he may not be able to wrap his head around not distilling to create by definition a true “distillate.”

You could avoid decarbing and just recover the hexane in the rotovap at 45C and a decent vacuum depth -.06mpa or deeper will do and that hexane will get out of there in no time.

@OregonExtracts Where are you guys located? Were in Eugene and we also do hexane extraction and i have yet to see any others around here use hexane. Shoot me a dm if you wanna talk more or have any questions, im always happy to help.

FYI, hexane extraction is your method of extraction, the wiped film is your method for distilling the cannabinoids. you do not use wiped films for extraction, but for further processing or refining your extracted material :slight_smile:


Thank you all for your replies and @thesk8nmidget for a nice cut and pasteable answer to send to my staff! Our extraction is in Portland. Our wiped film distillation*** is actually within our GMP manufacturing facility in Las Vegas. Our crude is sent there for distillation. We have ownership of the farm, extraction, distillation and manufacturing capabilities, so it’s not a tolling issue which is helpful. Hopefully this wasn’t spammy, as my question now seems a little silly. I am getting demand for CRD which has led me to nondecarbed crude on this forum. We just never had demand for CBD-a in the past, and our distillate is top notch (90% cannabinoid, 80.5% CBD) currently sent in to future awaiting Level 1 verification. Once verified, I will definitely offer our full spec on here for a very reasonable price. We have a lot of CBD to move (now that all of our CBG has been run) and bills to pay :slight_smile:

I know we run 3 passes on distillation to strip terps and get the nice gold color we produce. I also know the crude must be getting decarbed as the Crude COA indicates 78% Cannabinoid, 70.66% CBD and ND on CBD-A. Again, with the commoditization of full spec, we are looking further into specialty items, like CRD, Nano-emulsions, and obviously T-free. We have 1M pounds of 14%+ whole-plant Crawford Brothers Biomass super-sacked sitting in temp/humidity controlled onsite storage. It’s time to creatively get everything run and off the books!

I will PM you now. Thanks again, and thanks to the forum for pointing me in the right direction (like a blindfolded 12 year old swinging at a pinata haha)


Happy to help, and looking forward to chatting more. I’m sure we can get you to your ideal specs in no time!


This “revolutionary” $2500-$3000 kilo CRD is obviously not crystallizing because it is under 50% CBD. What it doesn’t account for is the 50% unknown plant oils being extracted instead.
They claim no cutting agents like MCT. If they were using the CBD-a crude method, they would be above 50% CBD. Anyone know how they are getting these numbers? While still maintaining the viscosity of CBD Disty that hasn’t crashed.

I was thinking they may have mixed in hemp oil. By doing so it is uncut hemp extract technically. However it would probably be way less viscous.

Any thoughts?

If you pull the appropriate fraction of hemp crude, ideally with a wiped film, one can get up to around 75% CBD content that will be resistant for months. I’m thinking in this case they likely diluted it quite a bit, perhaps with heads fractions from a shortpath.

I did it a few times with a WF, it always had too much THC for the hemp market, which I wasn’t concerned with.

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I have promised @siosis to look into this a while back
My version of the story is that a powder in my case a unbranded bentonite is used wich isomerizes slow but what it isomerizes go s to unknowns with a equal bp or veryclose to
I have tried a hempel column distillation on it and it didn’t seperate
Some R En D on such a powder should give you fair parameters on this procedure
It s like isomerizing Cbd with citric acid gives a d8/d9 mix with 35% unknowns that are around the same bp as your known compounds

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The same fucking COAS are showing up everywhere. Superrrr high CBG or CBN residuals and 40-50% cbd with zero CBDa and supposedly “No cutting agents! No chemicals” bullshit blah blah bullshit blah

Posted up this exact question 4 months or so ago and no one had an answer


Thank you all, and @Siosis for preventing me to try to track down a phantom SOP on what is likely a BS COA. My friend’s lab had the same COA. I asked him about it and I got a runaround answer. Same batch number. Nearly the same minor profile. I couldn’t decide if it was bogus, or if everyone with the same COA was just buying and reselling from the same producer. I removed his name and lab to not put him on blast, but here it is below. It’s nearly identical. Do you think it’s worth calling Juniper Labs even though they just did the testing supposedly? I’m eager to develop a high CBD compliant vape cart option that doesn’t crash out without the standard MCT cut, and isn’t a cut distillate padded with isolate to bump the CBD mg content. I think the market is getting smarter and wanting better quality products. I would love to offer a legitimate option to our white label product offering.

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Who has the best CRD Distillate that I should buy?

What’s up with people marketing “crystal resistant” D8 lately?

Doesn’t that just mean that the CBD isolate has all been converted?

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isn’t that just remediated mother liquor

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To my knowledge the d8 won’t crystallize anyway, only CBD concentrations greater than 50%. I think they’re just trying to say it’s good for THC vape carts. My guess is that @Siosis is right. It’s removed from the mother liquor of remediated full spec and sold as THC disty. We don’t deal on the THC side however, so I’m definitely not the expert on the matter.

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IMO, I would rather have a cart that crystalized than one that is 40+% of “unknown”. We have been battling with crystaliztion in vape carts and have had minimal success. CO2 Extracted CBDa Winterized Crude/ CBD Winterized Crude/ LOQ THC Distillate for compliance.

I’d be happy to help R+D with the future fam a way to make this more accesible without “Additives”


Here’s a progress shot for those interested in some compliant high TAC CRD

We have some partially decarbed cbd biomass that we ran and I kept some crude to run through our remediation columm with the @GreenMachine_Consult media.

52.1% cbda
44% cbd
.07% thc (this is most likely lower since we didn’t do a full flush of our hplc before doing this test.) (also every fraction tested was ND thc)

You can see in the photos and videos there is a lot of red. But I’m really happy with this result so far.


Been looking into a column to help with this issue, what are your thoughts on tolling vs in house?

BTW, that oil looks great, I bet it’s tasty in a cart with some terps!

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I’ll run this through a column when I get a little more time to play with it.

Could you elaborate on your tolling vs in house comment? This was all done in house, and I would probably need to keep it that way as my biomass and cruse process is what sets me up to be able to do this with ease.

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Anyone in this thread develop their CRD to where it may be market ready? Happy to pay for & test samples, as long as they’re total THC compliant.