Cryo infusions available d8 + hhc?

If you started 11days ago when you posted you would be making serious in roads. There has been multiple people giving you tips. The cryo method can easily scale with more some more people. When dont you start there and scale.

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Have you given any justification for making “fake weed”?

(It IS the title on the video you shared…)

The lack of traction you’re seeing reflects the way folks here feel about the process…

Convince us that it’s not about lying/cheating/ripping people off and you might get somewhere.

HHC flowers are the best sellers at the moment in the Czech Republic. Nobody is cheating anyone here. Customers in the Czech Republic are now looking for HHC flowers. The product is officially sold as HHC flowers.

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Are you making the HHC?
Do you have decent analytics on it.

YOU posted the video on “how to make fake weed”, I’m just explaining your lack of traction.

For folks growing and selling the real thing, what you’re asking reads wrong.

Which should be obvious based on the title of the video you shared…

I’m in Oregon, and the guy across the street smuggled some of my weed into the Czech Republic last time he went home.

Said it was better than anything he could get there.

I can’t grow weed worth a damn.

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We can’t grow weed in Europe. People want HHC flowers. That’s why I’m looking for an effective method to apply HHC to flowers. We do not produce HHC.

They want weed.
They’re willing to try anything.

if you don’t make the HHC, what makes you certain what you have IS HHC?

… “HHC” means what to you?!?

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No worries got him covered if needs be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t worry. We’ll do everything right. We don’t want to hurt anyone.

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Write to me privately if you have a proven method and technology. I’m able to pay for the reliable information and help.

Please, write to me privately if you have a proven method and technology. I’m able to pay for the reliable information and help.

Reliable information is still missing.

Cryo-fusing is a technique used to produce quality cannabis and industrial hemp products. This process involves freezing the cannabis or hemp to temperatures of -20°F to -30°F for no less than 10 hours in order to preserve shape and integrity. Then, the material is placed under vacuum pressure in a chamber before applying controlled radiant heat which sublimates (turns solid into gas) the moisture in the product, turning it into vapor.

The vapor is then condensed back to a solid and collected in an ice bank before being melted and drained as a hydrosol liquid. Any terpenes lost during sublimation can be reclaimed from the hydrosol for reuse in other products such as oils or vape pens. This technique provides a cleaner and more consistent product with higher cannabinoid content and improved flavor.

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